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Amenorrhea. Lost your flow? Restart the period, restore the cycle.

your menstrual flow gives you signals when something is wrong. use these signs as a guide back to better fertility.

lost your flow?

Secondary Amenorrhea – the menstrual flow that has not come back.  Menstruation marks the end of one reproductive cycle and the start of the next.  If you have not seen your menstrual flow in over 3 months, and you are not or recently pregnant, that is called Secondary amenorrhea.

Primary Amenorrhea is the menstrual flow that never began: it is not addressed in any way on this page or by any of the formulations we offer.

restart the period

The Restart the Period formulas are offered here to support a range of menstrual cycle and flow issues. Ingredients in the combinations are shown to influence menstruation, cycle, endometrial growth, and reproductive hormones. The Restart the Period formulas offered below come with the main menstruation symptoms that indicate their suitability. Choose the right combination by matching your symptoms and signs to the corresponding formulas.


the importance of good menstruation

Good menstruation is one of the 5 essential elements of good fertility.  Much can be said about your endometrial health, fertility challenges, and reproductive problems, from the qualities and changes in your menstrual cycle and flow. Problems with regularity, volume, or color of your menstruation can reduce your fertility and be the very thing preventing a pregnancy. A return to good menstrual health is a sign of improved fertile health.


menstruation and fertility

The endometrium is the lining of the uterus. If there is no pregnancy by the end of the monthly cycle, the endometrium breaks down and becomes the menstrual flow. If an embryo (newly fertilized egg) does implant into the endometrium, pregnancy begins. The endometrium becomes the lifeblood of the embryo, providing the nutrition necessary for growth and survival.

A woman’s blood creates her endometrium and stocks it with nutrition for the embryo. In the months preceding pregnancy, the menstrual blood gives insight into the health and quality of her endometrium and the blood that supplies it. In essence, it is the blood that is responsible for the fertility of her endometrium.


it’s all about the blood

Lifeblood does, as it says. “Life-giving, vital, considered essential to maintaining life.” A woman’s blood brings life to the endometrium. The endometrium transfers this life to the embryo. As pregnancy continues the endometrium transforms into the placenta, connecting the growing baby with the mother’s blood supply, and being the medium through which it is passed.


The endometrium is literally, the lifeblood of the embryo



Learn more about the symptoms and signs of menstruation for our fertility guide here.

What is the ‘best’ menstrual cycle?

The ‘best’ menstrual cycle is also the ‘normal’ menstrual cycle and as such should be expected by women from their bodies. Your menstrual norm is defined as consistent and regular 27 – 30 day cycles, with 3 – 5 days of pain-free, trouble-free, fresh, and red healthy menstrual flow. If your menstrual cycle and flow are not like this, it is a sign from your body that something is not right.


what is your menstruation telling you?

What you see in the duration, color, and volume of your menstrual flow is a direct reflection of the make-up and quality of your endometrium.  These qualities indicate the quantity and nutritional value of the endometrial soil. Likewise, you can predict the ability of the endometrium to grow and nurture the embryo and maintain your pregnancy.


no flow? oh no!

While the ongoing lack of menstrual flow is called amenorrhea, it signals a breakdown and halt of a woman’s reproductive cycle. Endometrial growth, ovulation, and menstruation no longer occur, and a natural pregnancy is unlikely. Also, the body has been unable to fix the problem or restart the cycle. At this stage, if a woman wants a baby, she will need treatment to get her cycle back.


stolen or misplaced?

In most cases of secondary amenorrhea, the final absence of menstruation is not sudden but a result of a gradual decline over time. This gradual decline signals a chronic dysfunction in the body that requires treatment. A sudden stop with no prior signs of decline is more likely due to external factors like a new medicine or treatment. Identify the culprit, stop what you started, and your cycle may restart on its own. If the cycle does not restart after a few months, seek treatment. If there is no clear culprit, seek treatment.


the trail of clues

Any changes observed in the menstrual cycle and flow before your period stopped are useful and diagnostic clues. These symptoms will lead to the underlying cause and diagnose the problem. The underlying cause then points in the direction of a solution.



There are many factors that influence a woman’s monthly cycle and menstruation. The circumstances leading to menstrual cycle problems can indicate what, or if, treatments can be of benefit. Please see the list of limitations before you choose a treatment and make an informed choice.



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Find your amenorrhea solution

Use this page to select your solutions according to your menstrual symptoms.

Restart The Period I

Have your periods become irregular or have not not returned after stopping the contraceptive pill, after IVF, using other pharmaceutical treatments or major lifestyle changes?

Are these your symptoms?
  • Has your menstrual cycle not returned after stopping the contraceptive pill?
  • Has your cycle changed significantly after using pharmaceutical hormone treatments?
  • Has your flow changed color from its normal redness?
  • Has your menstruation stopped or do you skip periods often?
  • Has your menstrual flow slowed down and become less over time?
Original price was: US$494.00.Current price is: US$349.00.
Restart The Period II

Have your periods become irregular or tapered off and your menstrual flow has gone from red to darker red, purple or black in color?

  • Has your menstrual flow changed color from red to dark red, purple or black in color?
  • Has your menstruation stopped or do you skip periods often?
  • Has your menstrual flow slowed down and become less over time?
Regulate the Periods II Amenorrhea treatment
Original price was: US$494.00.Current price is: US$349.00.

Have your periods became irregular or much lighter in flow and your menstrual flow has become light red,  rusty, or brownish in color?

  • Has your menstrual flow changed color from red to light red, rusty, or brown in color?
  • Has your menstruation stopped, become increasingly irregular or do you skip periods often?
  • Has your menstrual flow slowed down or become lighter and lighter over time?
Restart the Period III for light, irregular or missing periods.
Original price was: US$494.00.Current price is: US$349.00.
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