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By the end you will understand the essence of fertility and what it means to be fertile. You will be able to recognise your own symptoms and signs that interfere with your fertility, and you will know precisely what is needed to solve them.
It's a 20 minute read on the nature of fertility, what causes infertility and how to recognise what your body is saying. written simply, easy to understand.
  • Solve a low AMH problem that IVF drugs cannot address.
  • Improve the effectiveness of IVF ovarian stimulating drugs.
  • Increase the number of follicles matured during IVF stimulation.
  • Improve overall egg pick up rates.
  • Improve egg fertilization rates.
  • More harvested eggs make it to blastocysts.
  • Prevent IVF ovarian stimulating drugs from further reducing AMH levels.
fertility SOLUTIONS
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Ovance RPM to improve egg quality
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Dr. Scott Martin

Dr. Scott Martin has a masters degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and leads the team for Advanced Fertility Solutions formulas. He is also available for consultations to the public who wish to know more about the products and how they can help.