Low AMH & IVF: Your Essential Guide Pt3.

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The significance of AMH/FSH and how to effectively treat it

Hormone tests help determine treatments for fertility problems. The upper and lower limits of AMH and FSH hormone tests are not where your fertility falls off a cliff. Instead, these limits determine the probable outcome of medical treatment to work. Women outside of these limits may respond poorly to IVF drugs. It does not mean they can never fall pregnant.

Should you hang your future hopes of a family exclusively on AMH and FSH hormone values? People may be well outside of reference ranges but still fall pregnant. It happens a lot, less often with IVF drugs.

Understanding key components helps you make an informed decision.

Science has created a ‘death by numbers’ for hopeful mothers

Hormone tests are excellent ways to diagnose imbalances in the body. Science shows that these imbalances can be the cause of infertility. What it does not mean is that your hormone values define your ability to fall pregnant. They do not identify whether you can be pregnant or that you should give up entirely.

Low AMH & IVF: Your Essential Guide Pt3.
A bad hormone test means drugs are less likely to work, not that nothing else can help.

Hormone values are guidelines for doctors to prescribe specific treatments.

Hormone therapy is the cornerstone of Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART). IVF uses ART drugs to stimulate your ovaries to mature more eggs than they would normally do. Extra eggs are used to increase the odds of fertilization and pregnancy. AMH and FSH values provide dosage guidelines for specific drugs used to stimulate your ovaries. The limits of ‘healthy’ AMH and FSH levels determine a likely positive response to the stimulating drugs. If you fall outside of these limits, the probabilities of successful response can drop dramatically.

Low AMH & IVF: Your Essential Guide Pt3.
Hormone therapy is the cornerstone of IVF. Often you have to administer the injections yourself.

AMH and FSH limits define the probable outcome of ovarian responses to ART drugs. These levels do not represent what “possible or impossible” means outside of ART drugs.

Low AMH & IVF: Your Essential Guide Pt3.
The predicitive response to ovarian stimulation according to FSH levels.
Low AMH & IVF: Your Essential Guide Pt3.
AMH levels and predictive ovarian response to FSH drugs.
Low AMH & IVF: Your Essential Guide Pt3.
Successful pregnancies drop to zero using IVF once FSH goes over 16 IU/L.

Up to 70% of people fail to fall pregnant using the best of modern medical treatment.

Not addressing AMH levels is a glaring omission. Medicine glosses over the problem, “nothing can really help anyway.” Women are still advised to rush into IVF with a ‘before it is too late’ warning.

In 40 years, IVF strategies have not changed. Improved discoveries in how fertility works has not prompted new treatments to address them. IVF remains the only recommended medical option for low AMH.

IVF strategies are unsuitable for women with low AMH and high FSH levels. Einstein said, “Repeating the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity.” With high costs and meager success something, a change in strategy is needed.

Low AMH & IVF: Your Essential Guide Pt3.
The manner in which IVF addresses the problem of low AMH treatment meets Einstein’s definition of insanity.

Once a woman is no longer responsive to these medical interventions, ART and IVF is of no further use. Many doctors are unable to refer these people on to other modalities. Rules bind doctors to whom they can refer patients when they can no longer help. In most cases, your doctor is unaware of the capabilities of alternative therapies. Asking your doctor’s opinion on something they have no experience or training in will not give you an informed answer.

Low AMH & IVF: Your Essential Guide Pt3.
Alternative medicines can provide results beyond the capabilities of Modern Medicine.

It is now up to the failed patients to discover other options.

Many women turn to alternative therapies once Modern Medicine can no longer help. Alternative therapies can help infertility. These treatments can create pregnancies beyond the scope of ART.

Established hormone ranges do not limit the effectiveness of alternative treatments.

Alternative therapies can rebalance and restore abnormal hormone levels. They can do this when hormone values are well outside of reference ranges. These treatments also have limitations, and hormone levels can be a good guide.

How does Ovance and RPM influence relative AMH and FSH values over a 6 month period?

Low AMH & IVF: Your Essential Guide Pt3.


What we can interpret from the charts presented throughout the article, is that women with AMH levels below 0.8 ng/ml and FSH over 16 IU/L have almost no chance of using ART and IVF successfully. With the data presented on Ovance and RPM formulas women with the same levels have a good to high probability of the formulas providing a successful outcome. Once FSH levels reach beyond 45 IU/L, Ovance and RPM are unlikely to assist regardless of AMH values.


  • The approach of IVF treatment has remained the same since 1984.
  • Hormone therapy is used to stimulate the ovaries to grow more eggs than normal.
  • Ovarian stimulation is standard IVF procedure for all women using it.
  • Drug dosage and timing are the only variations in IVF stimulation protocols.
  • AMH levels underpin the ability of your body to start the growth of good eggs.
  • IVF stimulation uses FSH and LH injections to mature more eggs than normal.
  • If AMH levels are low, IVF stimulating drugs can fail to mature eggs for a successful transfer.
  • In no way to IVF therapy address the problem of low AMH levels.
  • The reason why IVF success rates are so poor in women with low AMH is because stimulating drugs are unable to influence AMH levels.
  • Your hormone levels define what is possible within IVF treatment, not outside of it.
  • If IVF fails you, your doctor is not the best source of information for what to do next.
  • Asking your doctor’s opinion on something they have no experience or training in will not give you an informed answer.
  • Alternative therapies can provide solutions when IVF does not.
  • Alternative therapies such as Ovance and RPM formulas can provide improvements in AMH and FSH levels well beyond the capabilities of ART.

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Is Ovance safe to take with DHEA and also with Thyroxine?

Yes, it is safe with both of those products. DHEA only works on AMH levels over 1.1 ng/ml or 5.0 pmol/l. For more information on DHEA please read this article. https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/does-dhea-improve-egg-quality/

For more information on our products with pharmaceutical prescriptions please visit this page. https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/faq

My wife had a Amh pmol/l 0.9 what would you suggest? Our private clinic is say Immediate IVF treatment…

Hi Dan, thanks for contacting me. Using the Ovance and RPM combination is an excellent way to raise your AMH levels. https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/product/ovance-and-rpm-combination/
Please use your wife’s AMH and day 3 FSH levels to our results to create expectations for your outcome using these formulas

I’m 38 with 0.08 amh level. Had a failed IVF cycle recently. Can I do IVF with a probable outcome once I raise my amh levels with Ovance? Will Ovance help me to grow more follicles? I only had 2 follicles the last time I did IVF.

Yes, that is precisely what Ovance does. The effectiveness of treatment with Ovance to improve ovarian function and follicular growth is influenced by your FSH levels, and your age. To create realistic expectations of results, please visit this page https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/see-the-results/

Can the procedure of Ovarian Rejuvenation reinforce Ovance?

There’s really not enough evidence on the effects of “Ovarian Rejuvenation” using PRP, to say it is an effective therapy or even therapy – but it has a great name. Even though the name is promising, the real-world results have not been adequately studied as yet. Studies done are on very small groups of women that don’t qualify for proper scientific evidence as yet.
Fortunately, the studies done on our products are well documented. Can one be used with the other? There should be no problems doing both treatments. Creating expectations is important. You can see the results of our research here https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/see-the-results/

Hi Doc. I’ve just come across your page and seen this. I am 39 with AMH of 0.2
No baby. What do you reckon will work for me please? Is all hope lost for having a baby? Was considering IVF until i read this. Please help

HI Nasa. Don’t lose hope. 39 is way too young to lose hope. Take your time to read through the information I’ve provided. Also use your day 3 SFH levels, ion conjunction with your AMH levels, and check for yourself the results we have had with others in the past. Check it here https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/see-the-results/
If you want to do a consultation, you can book it here 🙂 https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/personal-consultations/
All the best

Hi! I have conceived naturally in the past with low AMH. I am 40 with AMH of 0.23. I had one IVF cycle that resulted in a normal embryo that ended in a chemical pregnancy. I got pregnant next cycle but ended in miscarriage. I started your two supplements last month. Do you recommend 3 months of them prior to IVF? Can you continue your supplements through stimulation? Should you stop supplements if you fall pregnant? Thank you!

Advanced Fertility Solutions

Hi Lisa, thanks for your question. While some people get results faster, and others slower, because we are all different and degrees of a problem vary, three months is a good amount of initial time for our treatments to have positive and lasting effects. Typically once pregnancy is achieved our formulas should be stopped. I strongly recommend using Safe and Secure Baby formula to prevent miscarriage and our RPM formula to support the body and baby as a whole.

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