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Natural Remedies for PCOS Treatment
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PCOS Formula

3 Months Supply

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PCOS Formula x 3 Bottles

Each bottle contains 108 capsules which is a 28 day menstrual month supply.

Natural remedies for PCOS are the ‘treatment of choice’ for many women. Their traditional and unbroken use could be put down to the level of patient satisfaction and what they achieved (a).

Science and medicine continue to struggle to understand PCOS or improve the treatments PCOS patients need (b). While researchers search and patients pray for the holy grail of PCOS treatment, (c) one must wonder what all the people in the natural remedies line-up know that they don’t.

PCOS formula comes from the line of natural remedies praised and trusted by women for so long.

natural remedies for PCOS treatment.
Older than history.

Natural remedies for PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) contain organically grown plant parts known for their beneficial effects and are the treatment of choice for most women in some eastern countries (a). The traditional use of these remedies for PCOS date back so far, their continued popularity for PCOS treatment seems as natural as the ingredients they are prescribed.


votes counted by feet.

Even the wide-spread acceptance and availability of modern medicine, combined with a profound lack of scientific evidence to support or justify these traditional remedies used for PCOS treatment, favor has not turned from them: quite the opposite. (b). The marginal uptake of modern interventions and the overwhelming preference for particular natural remedies for PCOS treatment is likely not from inherent bias, lack of awareness, or expense, rather a reflection of the level of patient satisfaction achieving the results they desired (c).


At the risk of over-simplifying...

Modern management of western PCOS patients can be complex and require a multidisciplinary team approach, including endocrinologists, gynecologists, dermatologists, psychologists, and nutritionists, who should have a deep knowledge of the disease for optimal results (d). The management and needs of eastern PCOS patients, by comparison, is much simpler. Eastern PCOS patients primarily seek assistance for fertility and hormonal issues, of which traditional and natural remedies are known to assist (e). The culture, diet, family unit, and genetic characteristics of eastern PCOS patients minimize the need for complex or other multi-disciplinary approaches (e).

what women want.

The requirements of PCOS patients using traditional and natural remedies in eastern countries appear to be satisfied for many. A 23-year study in Taiwan showed only 12% of PCOS patients chose modern medical options for their exclusive treatment (f).

The 'Holy Grail' of modern PCOS treatment would provide its patients with the collective and lasting results of:

  • the return and continued regularity of the menstrual cycle.
  • ovulation and pregnancy.
  • weight-loss, weight management, or prevention of weight gain.
  • reduction, removal, or cessation of hirsutism and the hair growth that comes with it.
  • return of normal hormonal balance and remission of PCOS symptoms.


show me the science!

Even though the use of traditional and natural remedies for PCOS treatment is prolific, studies to scientifically validate specific outcomes, benefit, or management in any of the treatment goals above require additional study and more rigorous design. Another study that would have merit is why so many PCOS patients use traditional and natural remedies exclusively and seemingly avoid modern PCOS treatment options in general.

To learn more about the background, treatment, and management of PCOS click here.


the waiting line.

Like many other chronic gynecological problems, science and medicine continue to struggle with the causes, mechanisms, and treatment for the patients it receives (g). While these women wait for researchers to produce the holy grail treatment to solve PCOS once and for all, (h) one must wonder what all the people in that natural remedies line-up know that they don't.


what's outside the box?

While science is catching up (i) to history our ability to claim benefit or suggest a likely outcome using the PCOS formula we offer cannot be made or marketed. We can confirm the ingredients within the PCOS formula are consistent with ingredients studied in trials and ingredients in common use as traditional and natural remedies prescribed for the women in the 'other' PCOS waiting line. We cannot say that the formulation offered is designed for or satisfies the listed desires PCOS patients want effective and lasting treatment for.



We do not recommend abandoning your current management strategy unless results are unsatisfactory. You should consult your doctor before discontinuing your current medication to check for withdrawal or short-term negative impacts. If you use treatment or medicine specific to painkilling actions (NSAIDs, analgesics, or opiates) we recommend to continue using them until you instinctively feel less need to use them.



We use the highest quality ingredients available, rigorously tested, and cleared for unwanted trace elements before processing and production begin. The final product is manufactured in line with the highest standards to ensure the strength, bioavailability, safety, and effectiveness customers should expect.



Each bottle contains 108 capsules which is a months supply.

Please note a month supply is a menstrual month of 28 days, not the calendar month.



The dosage is to take 2 capsules from each morning and evening with food. There are no indications to increase the dosage beyond 2 pills twice per day unless specifically directed by your consulting practitioner.


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Please see our video series on cystic ovaries for a full understanding of variations in ovarian cystic conditions.




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