Ovance and RPM combination

Increase AMH levels. Improve egg quality.

Ovance and RPM combination

3 - 6 Months Supply


Supply 3 MONTHS

Ovance x 3 Bottles
RPM x 3 Bottles

Supply 6 MONTHS

Ovance x 6 Bottles
RPM x 6 Bottles

Each bottle contains 108 capsules which is a 28 day menstrual cycle

Ovance and RPM combination is our best solution for women with low AMH levels who wish to improve their egg quality so they can use their own eggs to fall pregnant naturally or through IVF.

Supported by science and current research (1), ingredients in Ovance and RPM formulas are proven to help women with a diminished ovarian reserve and low AMH levels to restore fertility to their eggs and create pregnancies (2).

To improve egg quality and your chances of falling pregnant use Ovance and RPM combination for 3 – 6 months and before starting a fresh IVF cycle. 

  • Better quality eggs produced.
  • Increased fertilization rates.
  • Healthier embryo growth.
  • Greater chances for pregnancy.
  • 108 capsules per bottle
  • Safe for long-term use


For best results follow the recommendations below when using Ovance and RPM combination. Results will vary depending on the circumstances. See the results of our research here to help you determine how effective the formulas are likely to be, and how long it may take to work.

Ovance and RPM combination increases low AMH levels and improves egg quality. Ingredients within the Ovance and RPM combination are proven to stimulate ovarian function, promote egg production, development, and count, improves egg quality, increasing AMH levels, and overall fertility. 


  1. The Ovance and RPM combination require time to provide their effect. We recommend using Ovance and RPM combination for a minimum period of 3 months. Repeating an AMH blood test after 3 months will mark your progress.
  2. The lower the AMH levels are, the longer improvements can take. Using Ovance and RPM combination continuously for 6 months may be necessary to provide benefits and results required.
  3. The 3 and 6 month treatment period is recommended for women over 35-years-of age and AMH levels between 0.7 ng/ml (5 pmol/l) and 1.96 ng/ml (14 pmol/l).
  4. If you are over 40 years-of-age or have very low AMH levels (below 0.7 ng/ml or 5 pmol/l) we recommend using the Ovance formula at a double dose of 4 capsules twice per day for the first three months. In this case, an additional 3 month supply of Ovance is required. Ovance can be purchased on its own here. There are no indications to increase the use or dosage of RPM and should remain at 2 pills twice per day.
Ovance Low AMH Formula

Ingredients in Ovance have been involved in many scientific studies and research trials treating women diagnosed with Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR). These studies report an average 50% pregnancy rate within 6 months after entering the trials (1).

  • Increase AMH levels. (7).
  • Lower of high Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH) levels (8).
  • Provide positive changes in the balance of FSH and LH levels (9).
  • Promote a more natural balance between the reproductive hormones (10).
  • Promote normal healthy egg growth (11).
  • Improve follicle production in the ovaries (12).
  • Improve egg quality (12).
  • Improve pregnancy outcomes when compared with medical hormone therapies (12).
  • Improve success rates using IVF (13).
RPM Metabolism Formula

RPM, the metabolism formula, enhances the actions and effects of everything that goes with it. Ingredients streamline the digestive system and boost metabolism. Fuel efficiency in a car allows it to go further on less. Digestive efficiency uses less energy to function while providing more energy output. Now your body has more energy available to use in other areas, while you feel more energetic and vital.


If you have been trying to find the right combination to help you get pregnant use our Ultimate Fertility Combination - it could very well be the solution you have been looking for.


indications for use

Ovance and RPM combination can benefit women with the following diagnoses, conditions, or results.

  • POD Premature decline of ovarian function.
  • POI - premature ovarian insufficiency.
  • AMA - Advanced Maternal Age.
  • Low AMH - Anti-Mullerian Hormone levels below 1.96 ng/ml (14 pmol/l).
  • DOR - Diminished ovarian reserve (DOR).
  • AFC - antral follicle count less than 5-7.
  • POR - Poor ovarian responder defined as four or less mature follicles developed during a stimulated IVF cycle.
  • Canceled or failed IVF cycles due to a poor ovarian response.
  • Failed IVF cycles due to repeated implantation failures.
  • Other factors may be present, but all include at least one of the criteria mentioned above.

It is rare any fertility treatment can provide the quick fix women wish for under challenging conditions. Managing expectations is an important part of every treatment strategy. The following circumstances highlight the limitations of all current fertility treatments to create a pregnancy, including Ovance and RPM combination. Pursuing any treatment under the following circumstances is unlikely to yield results or a pregnancy. The use of a donor egg to start your family is recommended.

  • Premature ovarian failure (POF).
  • Premature onset of confirmed menopause.
  • A maternal age beyond 45 years-of-age.
  • Reduced ovarian volume or size well below normal.
  • Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH) levels above 40 IU/L measured on day 3 of the menstrual cycle.
  • Undetectable AMH levels.
  • No visible eggs discovered in either ovary using an ultrasound scan.
  • No eggs retrieved during an IVF cycle when no eggs were previously visible.
ingredients are safe and high Quality

We use the highest quality ingredients available, rigorously tested, and cleared for unwanted trace elements before processing and production begin. The final product is manufactured in line with the highest standards to ensure the strength, bioavailability, safety, and effectiveness customers should expect.

Recommended dosages

The dosage is to take 2 capsules from each bottle morning and evening with food. You may increase the dose of Ovance to 4 times a day if AMH levels are below 0.7 ng/ml. There are no indications to increase the dose of the RPM formula along with the Ovance formula.



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4 reviews for Ovance and RPM combination


Such a miracle supplement, it worked for me like Maggic. Married for 10yrs and for the pass 4 or so years, don’t see any sign of my ovulation at all. Have spent so so money money on so called fertility drugs but to no good results. In my confusion I begin to pray, pray , pray and pray for Gods help to restore my cycle. Finally we decide to go for ivf. What a big blow , my Dr got so disappointed and almost throw the result of my MAH to my face because he said was so low 0.5. He gave me 2 options, he will use the highest combination available to him to simulate my system for the ivf, I asked for his option 2, ? He said later.

We started the process , it turned out good, he told me the eggs were coming and increasing so fast. I was encouraged that finally will happen. Out of the 8 to 10 eggs during simulation, during retrieval got only one golden egg. So disappointed finally it didn’t work.

Now the big blow for his option 2 for me was to go for donor eggs because my reserves where just too low and no way to have a baby with own egg.

Couldn’t help it but broken down and cried. I went back to God in prayer so can’t there be only one medication to help me out here? After days of prayer I decided to go look on the Internet if could find something. So many Junk on the net. Just before I check out, I saw this video of Dr Scott, something attracted me to listen to the end, and it was as if he just told my story. I prayed oh God , don’t let this be yet another waste of time and money for me.

I quickly order 3 months of the Low Mah and the energy booster. I got them and I prayed 3days dry fasting no food no water that I shall only reap it benefits and nothing else. And started to take .

Wow, God heard my cry just with 2 to 3 weeks, out of curiosity I decided to go run the test. And it had moved from 0.5 to 4.3 is a miracle. Since then my cycle had being restored. I experienced full ovulation in my cycle. My Dr was surprised and asked my what happened, I told him after prayer, God lead me to get this medication and thus the results in just less than 30days. He is bent on stocking the product in his facility when the miracle comes wealthier natural or a repeat of ivf. I have finish taking for the 3month and I love ❤️ the result. My Dr wants me to quickly repeat the ivf but I have told him will see him soon with natural conception soon but the time I have done another 3months so as am typing now, am ordering for the next three month and soon, will come back to end my story with the good news of bouncy baby twins in Jesus name. Amen

Anyone that reads, don’t loss hope, pray like I did and grab yours, your testimony is assured


Hi Dr. Scott, I have been taking the Ovance and Maybe 1 formula; I am happy for my AMH result just got today … Two years ago, this was my leve also 1.25 l, then we did IVF 2 rounds of egg retrieval, my AMH went down to 1.05 on March 2018.. I just start using Ovance end of February this year. I am very thrilled with my AMH result, back to 1.25 and for sure still going up . This is just the beginning, and thank you for this amazing product!


At 45 years of age, my AMH was a very low .4. After just one month of taking the Ovance +RPM, my AMH increased to 1.25! I decided to have my AMH tested once per month so I could keep up with the results. The next month it had dropped to .95. The third month back up to 1.5. I am continuing this product as well as the IVF 1& 2, as I will he undergoing IVF soon. I was able to get one healthy blastocyst and hopefully I will get a successful implantation. Before I started Dr. Martin’s program, I had 1 unsuccessful Ivf with no blastocysts. I am very pleased with Dr. Martin and his miracle supplements. He is wonderful at communicating, asking how you’re doing and offering any help and advice he can. That’s something I really appreciate. His pills also make me feel so much better in general too.

Shavonne (verified owner)

I usually don’t write reviews but I had to with the new found knowledge!!! I started these pills being really skeptical because everyone (doctors) said I can’t just naturally raise my Amh levels. Well baby that’s a lie!!! My Amh with from .72 to 2.3 and I have only taken 2 bottles so far !

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