A 3 – 6 month supply of Ovance can solve your ovarian function problems.
  • Ovance stimulates ovarian function,
  • raises low AMH levels
  • improves ovarian reserve.
  • increases pregnancy rates.
  • improves IVF outcomes.

For previous customers: The Ovance formula has been upgraded with the ingredients from the previous Ovance RPM Combination formula. By upgrading Ovance in this way, it provides improved outcomes for those using our fertility treatments.

Learn more about how to treat low AMH levels here.

The lower your AMH levels are, the longer it takes to fix. Understand your best treatment time by comparing yourself to the results of our research.

  • A 3 month supply is an effective treatment to improve ovarian function, raise AMH levels, and improve diminished ovarian reserves.
  • A 6 month supply is needed for most women to bring AMH levels back to normal. Save up to 50% on a six month supply to return your low AMH levels back to normal.
  • Best results are found when using Ovance with RPM.
  • If you are over 40 years-of-age, have very low AMH levels (below 0.5 ng/ml or 3.4 pmol/l) we recommend using Ovance at a double dose for the first three months. In this case, buy the 6 month supply and take 4 pills twice per day.

Ovance is an effective way to solve fertility problems associated with a low AMH diagnosis. We recommend Ovance to be used in combination with RPM for your best results. Using your formulas for the right amount of time is essential for your ovarian recovery.

If you are looking for a way to increase your chances of pregnancy, either naturally, or using IVF, Ovance is your solution to a low AMH pregnancy problem. Please compare your AMH and FSH levels to research, so you can create reasonable expectations for your own results. Learn more about how Ovance helps low AMH, Diminished Ovarian Reserve, and poor egg quality problems here.

  • You will receive a 3 or 6 x 1 month supply bottles of Ovance.
  • Please take 2 capsules of Ovance twice per day with breakfast and dinner.
  • Make sure you download the manual from the 'directions' tab on this page.

Learn more about how to treat low AMH levels here.

Please note: The current Ovance formula has been upgraded with the ingredients seen in the Ovance RPM Combination formula. From now on Ovance RPM Combination formula will be known as Ovance. By upgrading Ovance in this way, it provides improved outcomes for those using our fertility treatments. The added benefits of using Ovance and RPM together remain the same.


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  • Panax ginseng, root 90.5 mg
  • Rehmannia glutinosa, root 135.7 mgAngelica polymorpha, root 113.2 mg
  • Lycium chinense, fruit 113.2 mg
  • Astragalus membranaceous, root 280.8 mg
  • Codonopsis pilosula, root 280.8 mg
  • Atractylodes macrocephaly, rhiz. 280.8 mg
  • Cuscuta hydrophilae 113.2 mg
  • Fallopian multiflora, root 453.1 mg
  • Achyranthes bidentata, root 113.2 mg
  • Cullen corylifolium, seed 56.5 mg
  • Cornus officinalis, fruit 67.9 mg
  • Poria cocos, body 452.9 mg
  • Flos Roseacae Rubriae 34.5 mg
  • Fructus Foeniculi Vulgaris 56.5 mg


This post is also available in: Español

Start taking your formulas as soon as they arrive, what day of the month you begin is not important for these formulas.

Please take 2 pills from each bottle twice per day with food.

Drink with warm water to wash them down and dissolve into your system as fast as possible.

Please take your formulas with or very close to food.

DO NOT take on an empty stomach.

If you feel any discomfort when taking the formulas, have a glass of hot water or two and a little something to eat. This should restore your stomach quickly.

Download the Ovance & RPM Manual

23 reviews for Ovance

(verified owner)

I previously shared with you that my last AMH, tested one year ago, was 0.59 while on DHEA. This was up from 0.2 the year before. I recently started taking your Ovance supplements. I got a ‘baseline’ AMH three weeks into starting your capsules. Unfortunately I couldn’t get in sooner to see my doc for a more accurate baseline. My AMH was 1.4!!

(verified owner)

I just wanted to let you know that I just received a positive pregnancy test. I’m 44 years old, and I am on round one, bottle #3 of the one bottle AMH formula. So this formula works & I had not even finished the third bottle!

How can I increase the AMH level from 1.5 to 2.5

I’m 43 years .

Hello Elina. Use our Ovance and RPM products to increase your AMH levels. Please refer to this page for more information: https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/low-amh-levels/
Make sure you visit this page to compare yourself with the results of our other clients. This way you can know what to expect using our formulas.

(verified owner)

My last Amh was .37 and even chances of successful IVf were bleak. Within 3months of Ovance & Rpm my Amh has rose to .56. I have ordered another 3 months supply & we are now more confident for fertility treatments. I would recommend to all lovelies who are struggling with low Amh levels.

(verified owner)

My Amh level was .37 & it was very frustrating as the chances of successful IVF were low. I took Ovance & Rpm formula for 3 months and now my Amh has rose to .56. I have ordered another 3 months supply. Would recommend to all who are struggling with low Amh level.

(verified owner)

I am very impressed with Ovance as the bloods done before and after show the increase in AMH levels

(verified owner)

Hello I have a Amh of .09 and a blocked right tube so I only have left ovary. Will this help boost my amh and increase chances of getting pregnant with only left ovary. I am 41

Hello Chante. Statistically, a single missing or blocked fallopian tube reduces the chance of a natural pregnancy every month by 23%. Very low AMH levels reduce the chance of natural pregnancy by much more. While there is nothing that can likely be done about your blocked fallopian tube, addressing your AMH levels will increase those chances significantly. And yes, that is exactly what these products do.

Dear Dr. Scott Martin

I hope you are. I have my wife with a low AMH level. She is more than 40 years old.
Which product is suitable for her to increase the level.
Please reply me as soon as possible , because we want to order this product.

Best regards
Abdelaziz Al Tom

Please visit this page to learn about how to raise AMH levels https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/low-amh-levels/
Any formula or combination of formulas that contain Ovance, or Ovance RPM will raise AMH levels.

Hello mary, thanks for reaching out. I understand the challenges you are facing. It is worthwhile comparing your AMH levels with your FSH levels. Once day 3 FSH levels go over 45 and higher the likelihood of any treatment working is low. I recommend you find out what your FSH levels are (the blood test must be done on day 3 of your menstrual cycle). Once you know what they are, visit this page and compare yourself with our research. https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/see-the-results/

Hi I am about to be 42 years old. My fsh is 12 and my amh is .45. I have had 2 egg retrievals only got 3 eggs both times and no embryos. I will be doing my last retrieval in November and would like nothing more than to increase my odds of getting a healthy embryo.

Hello Heather, to understand exactly what your odds are, please visit this page and compare your AMH to FSH scores to our results https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/see-the-results/

Dear Dr. Scott Martin

I hope you are well. I am asking about my order number : 34694. Have you shipped the order or not yet.
I am waiting for you, please.

Best regards
Abdelaziz Al Tom

Please login to the website to track your order. All tracking details are posted within the site. You should have received notification that this information has been added. I encourage you to log in and use this information to track your order as suggested.
Kindest regards

Hello doctor,

I would like to order the product. Is the delivery possibe for Francd / paris.

Thank you

We are currently unable to ship to the EU I’m sorry.

Dr. Martin– I am 40 years old, and one doctor said that my AMH was 0.49 and I had 2 failed IUI’s under that doctor’s care. I was referred to a fertility doctor and responded very well to the stimulation medication for IVF. That doctor decided to re-run my AMH levels again and 1.1 at that time. The doctor was able to retrieve 14 mature eggs, of the 14, 12 fertilized and of the 12. 1 of those fertilized abnormally and 11 fertilized normally. By the end I had 10 eggs that made it to full blastocyst stage and all 10 came back with chromosomal abnormalities. I never did the egg transfer after that and decided to wait a few months. 3 months later I got pregnant naturally, but sadly miscarried at around 4 weeks so they are calling it a bio-chemical pregnancy since the pregnancy was detected via blood test and urine test. Do you think Ovance and RPM will improve my egg quality so I can reduce chromosomal abnormalities and carry baby full term and have a healthy baby?

Hello Renee. Thank you sharing your story. For expectations on how Ovance & RPM can assist you, please compare your AMH and FSH levels to the research we have published here https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/see-the-results/
As for improving chromosomal abnormalities – as AMH improves, egg qualities improve and chromosomal abnormalities decrease. This does not mean that chromosomal abnormalities are no longer present, just the risk of it reduced. We have to realize that these abnormalities exist in nature regardless of age and AMH levels, and there is no guarantee that any medicine or treatment can reduce this risk to zero.

(verified owner)

I was reading all of the reviews and am quite happy with what I have read so far. I am 38 years and have been told my AMH levels are on the lower end of the scale being 1.9 pmol/L
FSH being 10.8 IU/L
and LH being 7.3 IU/L.
Could you please let me know which would be more suitable for me please, I was thinking Ovance & RPM in the same bottle would be good but will await to hear from you. Thank you so much.

Hi Rebekah, I have sent you a copy of our User Guide via mail. It will help you understand, diagnose and treat fertility problems. This guide will give you all the information you need to know about which formulas to choose and why.

(verified owner)

I’ve hadn’t had a full flow period in about 4 months started the Trucycle and my period was a full-blown period in 2 months. I have been taking AMH and Ovance for about 5 weeks now and I have increased the number of pills I take a day I’m hoping this will increase my AMH faster because I’m 43. I know the magic age is 45. I love the products and have high hopes that it will work and soon I will get pregnant and have a baby

(verified owner)

Hi everyone,

I don’t usually write reviews but the Ovance RPM combo is the real deal. I’m 42 and my AMH was less than 0.1 and my Dr. was basically telling us that our only hope was IVF with a donor egg. I’m not pregnant yet but I retested my AMH and it is now 0.99 after 3 months! Truly an amazing medication. We are going to be ordering a 6 month supply and safe baby as well. Good luck to you all. If you are skeptical I say follow Dr. Scott Martin’s advice and try Ovance and retest your labs you will be a believer like my husband and I. God bless.

Hello Dr. Martin,

I just came across your website and so happy I did. I will be 37 in March, my AMH is 1.54, is that something to be worried about?
I got pregnant with IUI but miscarried at 12 weeks and wondering if your product will also help with egg quality
Looking forward to hearing back from you 🙂

Hello Maria, thank you for your information. The website is replete with information on exactly those topics. please take the time to read and absorb this information. https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/low-amh-levels/
You should also consider our prevent miscarriage solution for your next pregnancy https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/prevent-miscarriage/


Hello Tina. Please visit this page can compare your hormone levels with results we have had with others in the past – this is a good way to create expectations using the treatment https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/see-the-results/

(verified owner)

I am 41 going to be 42 on February 21. I was tested for my AMH last year in September and it was at 0.064 ng/ml. I went researching at the vitamin shop and ran across a lady in the same boat as I was. She told me about Dr. Scott and that she had good results from his stuff, so I went home looked up the website, read things on the site and ordered a 3 months supply of Ovance RPM combo. Last week took my AMH and FSH test again, and it was 0.99 ng/ml. My doctor told me he can’t help me and said if I went to a fertility doctor they probably couldn’t do anything for me either. So I turned to Dr. Scott again and asked questions. He says my AMH has raised a lot, so I am hoping I fall pregnant soon. I will be ordering another 3 months supply very soon.

Hello, My AMH is 1.11 ng/mL and FSH 8.9 mIU/mL and I am nearly 43 YO. I believe I don’t need to lower my FSH but only to decrease my AMH but I see that this product lower the FSH as well. Any recommendation?

The formulas don’t lower healthy FSH levels, only unnaturally high FSH levels. If your FSH levels are higher than they should be, the formulas can bring them within the normal range. The body works on ‘homeostasis’ or ‘natural balance’ the formulas are designed to assist in restoring this natural balance. The formulas will not ‘strip’ FSH from your system – it doesn’t work that way. I hope this helps.

Hi Dr,I’m 41 years old,I have a girl 6 years old, I would like to have an another one but I saw a IFV doctor,he told me is because my AMH is < 0,10 ng/ml and FSH is 25,69 mIU/ml,I couldn't have one until I receive a donor egg. Do you think one of those medicine can help me to be fertil again please? Thank you. If yes,which one do you think is better and also my husband sperm is low and not good quality.

Please visit this page to compare your hormone levels to the results we have had in the past. This can provide you with an expectation of how our products may help https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/see-the-results/

(verified owner)

More than 1 year ago, my husband and I had a failed IVF. Doctor diagnosed me with polycystic ovarian syndrome and an AMH level of 1.1. I found this website and followed Dr. Martin’s advise to take PCOS and Ovance for 3 months. I got pregnant 3 months after I started the formulas. My baby is now almost 5 months old. I will be 40 yo this July and would like to try for a 2nd baby. My doctor took my AMH levels 2 days ago and it is 1.5! Taking Ovance last year has not only increased my AMH but also given me one healthy baby girl!

Hi Dr. I am 40
My FSH and HL level are high, so I was asked to have AMH done and the result came out to be 0.2
Which of the products do I need to increase this, and how long can I take the drugs.

Hi Rose, thanks for your question. Normal day 3 FSH levels are a good indicator for AMH recovery using the Ovance + RPM formulas we offer. The higher day 3 FSH levels become, the harder it is for any treatment to have an effect. Day 3 FSH levels of 16 IU/L and above render IVF ovarian stimulating hormone therapy ineffective. We have found that once FSH levels get above 40 IU/L recovery is hard, and above 60 IU/L recovery unlikely.
To conclude, the lower day 3 FSH levels are, the higher the chance of positive recovery, regardless of how low AMH levels may be.
Here is the link to our solution https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/product/ovance-and-rpm-combination/

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