Fertility User Guide

What is your body telling you?

Fertility User Guide


This guide is an easy 20-minute read on the nature of fertility, what causes infertility, and what your body is telling you. It is written simply and is easy to understand. This guide is written for the public benefit, to promote clarity, and reduce confusion within the field of fertility and reproductive medicine. 

Understanding the causes of fertility and what is going wrong, is made easy. 

  • What causes infertility?
  • What is your body telling you?
  • Understand the symptoms and signs of your body, and what they mean to your fertility.
  • Recognize what is going wrong with your body and how it is affecting your fertility.
  • See the big picture of fertility from the perspective of your body and nature.  
  • Learn the 5 elements that make up the foundation of fertility. 
  • Are your fertility treatments not working? All 5 elements of fertility must be healthy for pregnancy to occur.
  • Is your treatment strategy missing a diseased element that stops you from becoming pregnant?
  • How to bring yourself back into balance if you are not aligned with the elements of fertility.


Go beyond the medical perspective, and step into the bigger picture. See your fertility from a whole system perspective, integrated, and inseparable. You and your fertility are more than a reproductive system that is represented by hormone levels defined by blood tests.

While medical treatment helps many using hormone manipulation therapy and IVF, it also fails too many, and with few good explanations as to why. This guide will help you connect the dots and shed light on many unanswered ‘why’s?’

Dr. Scott Martin has condensed his years of experience into this guide, to make the complex field of fertility easier to navigate and understand. Within this guide, are keys to promoting your fertility, and removing any obstacles that are preventing your pregnancy. 


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23 reviews for Fertility User Guide

Mahvash Bukhari

A comprehensive guide, useful and practical. A great first version that could be help reduce much stress in understanding ourselves and Ovance


Great customer service, great products.


Very useful quide. Helps understand some fertility issues and problems related to women’s health.


I would highly recommend any one seeking to improve their fertility chances at any age, to read this valuable fertility user guide. The information is set out very clearly with easy to understand examples.


The e- book is an eye opener to each and every infertility woman, it guide you more to know about the combination of ovance and RPM, and on how effective they are in solving the pregnancy problem, once more my thanks goes to Dr. Martin Scott for May the Heavenly Father bless you abundantly, In Jesus Name.

Jennifer McGonigle

Clear and detailed. Written in language that you don’t need a medical degree to understand. Zeroes in on fertility issues at any age!

Johanna Sweeney

Education is the light that shines brightly in the dark vast of the fertility unknown. It empowers us to take back control from being just a number to a fertility warrior who fights for her unborn babies and overcomes the odds no matter what the percentage! Thank you for putting together this guide along with all the transparency to help inform us of our options when the medical world say we can’t improve. We can and will!


Thank you.
This is very helpful and understanding. I wish everyone many blessings and success.


The guide is very informative and timely.
I wish every woman and man who is seeking fertility help success in getting a baby.
Thank you.


I would definitely recommend this excellent reference guide to anyone struggling on their fertility journey. I learnt a lot more than I thought I would from it and was able to discern which products were right for my situation.

Ade Sontan

The guide was very educative and gave me available opportunities to maximise my chances of having a baby. This guide is helpful for anyone facing infertility

Ade Sontan

The guide was very educative and gave me available opportunities to maximise my chances of having a baby. This guide is helpful for anyone facing infertility and struggling with valid solutions.

Adena Grundy

Glad to find a guide that can lead to a solution. Gives me some hope that good news is coming.


I recently revisited the site and regarding my personal situation downloaded the Fertility User Guide and found it a fantastic source of information – wish I had this information 20 years ago! God grace – wishing future parents hope, and myself!! Information has re-ignited some semblance of hope! God Speed!! from the UK


I would like recommend this professional but easy explained guide. Great information for who want to improve their fertility chances.
Good luck to all 😉


This guide breaks down fertility in a simple easy to follow format. For me, it answered so many unanswered questions my own physicians could not or would not answer. I tend to reread it as it brings me not only hope but happiness in knowing it will help so many like myself.


This is an all-in-one guide that breaks down every aspect of fertility. For me, it has answered so many unanswered questions not even my own physician could not or would not answer.

Selma Cuadros

Great guide to understand what is happenning with our body


The guide was a great start and super helpful, it is completely packed with information and a good read. This is perfect to guide you into which direction to go. Highly recommend


Great and very useful gude…I must admit that this is very helpful for understanding everything about problems with fertility.
This is what I needed for!

Kristin B

Great guide for understanding fertility from not only a “typical” medical mindset but from a holistic view as well!


Very complete, easy to read and understand, helpful information to understand better what is going on in our body


A really good and detailed guide, which has everything you need before starting your journey with improving your fertility. Highly recommend!

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