Are you living with PCOS? You don’t have to.

When ovarian cysts are a problem, dissolving them is the solution.

You can dissolve ovarian cysts and fibroids using our PCOS Formula.

Solve your fertility problems caused by Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are normal. Every time you ovulate an ovarian cyst is created, spreading hormones into your body. Your body will dissolve these cysts naturally over time. If the body fails to remove cysts properly they can build up, grow larger, fill with all sorts of things, and fertility problems begin. Clearing these cysts is the key to solving the problems they create.

Too many ovarian cysts begin a cascade of fertility problems resulting in PCOS, irregular menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalances, hirsutism, and infertility. Removing these cysts from the ovaries solves the problem at the source. Once the cysts are gone the ovaries are free to function as they normally would without them. The result of removing cysts stops the symptoms of PCOS. Irregular menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalances, and fertility all return to normal, and your problem is solved.

Ovarian cysts are normal. It is when the body does not naturally dissolve them that problems set it.
Dr Scott Martin.

Our PCOS Formula dissolves unwanted ovarian cysts. Within three to six months of treatment your ovaries, menstrual cycle, and hormones can return back to normal. The treatment is gentle with no recorded side effects. PCOS Formula does not damage any of the surrounding tissue or reproductive organs, leaving the area clean and clear as it should be.

PCOS Formula is effective for ovarian cysts under two inches (5 cm) in size. PCOS Formula can dissolve all types of ovarian cysts and is also helpful in removing fibroids up to the same size. Cysts and fibroids over two inches ( 5 cm ) may require surgical treatment and are generally beyond the capabilities of the PCOS formula.

You will know the PCOS formula has worked when the symptoms of PCOS are gone, the menstrual cycle is regular. An ultrasound of the ovaries will show the ovaries have been cleared of the cysts.

See the five-part educational videos below to help you understand ovarian cysts and available treatment options.

Ovarian cysts are not always a problem.

  • Ovarian Cyst: No need to worry, this is normal.
  • PolyCystic Ovaries: No need to worry this is normal.
  • Dermoid Cysts and Cystadenomas: You may require them surgically removed.
  • PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome: This is a problem and treatments to solve PCOS are necessary. If you are overweight, losing 5-10% of your body weight can treat PCOS effectively, without need for further treatment.

PCOS Formula

Ultimate Fertility Combination

This is Advanced Fertility Solutions most successful pregnancy combination designed to help couples fall pregnant without the high cost of IVF and with the peace of mind that what you are taking is good for your body and your baby while being effective at getting the job done.

These formulas are based on natural Chinese herbal medicine that has been qualified by trials and research to do exactly what they say they do. On average 4 out of 5 couples that have used this combination fall pregnant within three to six months.

Who should use this formula?
  • Women with Low AMH levels.
  • Women over 38 that would like to improve egg fertilisation rates.
  • Women with low energy reserves, in need of an energy boost.
The Ultimate Fertility Combination

The Essential Guide To PCOS – Video Guide


This formula is a natural, safe and surgery free way to resolve PolyCystic Ovaries, excess male body hair, and hormone imbalances. Our formula gently dissolves all cysts up to 2″  (5 cm in diameter ) within a matter of months.

How do you know the formula is working?

Your cycle returns to normal as the cysts disappear. As your hormones rebalance your menstrual cycle returns to normal, and any excess male body hair will vanish.


  • Cinnamomum cassia, twig 67.5 mg
  • Prunus persica, seed 67.5 mg
  • Poria cocos, hyphae 67.5
  • Paeonia lactiflora, root 86.2 mg
  • Paeonia suffruticosa, stem bark 67.5 mg
  • Prunella vulgarise 67.5 mg
  • Scrophularia ningpoensis, root 60 mg
  • Astragauls membranacues, root 45 mg
  • Sargassum fusiforme 45 mg
  • Gentiana scalar, root 33.75 mg
  • Fritillaria cirrhosa, bulb 33.75 mg
  • Sparganium stoloniferum, rhiz. 33.75 mg
  • Curcuma zedoaria 33.75 mg
  • Citrus reticulata 22.5 mg

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Dr. Scott Martin
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Are you trying to understand what a Low AMH diagnosis means for you? Dr. Scott Martin leads the team for Advanced Fertility Solutions formulas. He has been solving the Low AMH riddle since 2010 and is now available globally for Personal Consultations. In this time you will discuss test results, medical and lifestyle history. By the end of your consultation you will have insight and a treatment plan to help put you in control of your fertility journey.


More than 1 year ago, my husband and I had a failed IVF. The doctor diagnosed me with polycystic ovarian syndrome and an AMH level of 1.1. I found this website and followed Dr. Martin’s advise to take PCOS and Ovance for 3 months. I got pregnant 3 months after I started the formulas. My baby is now almost 5 months old. I will be 40 yo this July and would like to try for a 2nd baby. My doctor took my AMH levels 2 days ago and it is 1.5! Taking Ovance last year has not only increased my AMH but also given me one healthy baby girl!


After blood work and an ultrasound, the fertility doctor said there is no way to use my own eggs because of very low egg quality. My AMH level was 0.13, the doctor said there is no treatment to raise the AMH Level and we would need egg donation. I felt hopeless and frustrated, just didn’t know what to do.
Dr Scott Martin gave me new hope and the supplements really work! It has been 6 months since I started taking these supplements and the results are positive. My AMH level is higher.


I took ovance the combo and my AMH has gone up. At first, it was 0.064 and now it is 0.99 in just 3 months. I’m not pregnant yet but fingers crossed! I will be ordering more of them soon. Thanks Dr. Scott

Amber Dawn

I don’t usually write reviews but the Ovance RPM combo is the real deal. I’m 42 and my AMH was less than 0.1 and my Dr. was basically telling us that our only hope was IVF with a donor egg. I’m not pregnant yet but I retested my AMH and it is now 0.99 after 3 months! Truly an amazing medication. We are going to be ordering a 6 month supply and safe baby as well. Good luck to you all. If you are skeptical I say follow Dr. Scott Martin’s advice and try Ovance and retest your labs you will be a believer like my husband and me.


I had an AMH of 0.2 and FSH of 14 and I am 42. My husband’s count was a little on the low side. We did the Couples Fertility Program for 7 months, first, menovance 2 for 3 months, and we placed a second order, but by the time we finished the second order I was pregnant. It really does work! The key is to have patience. I wish you guys all the best I never thought it could happen but it did. Thanks, DR Scott


I am 45 years old female, who started trying to have kids at age 40. When I was unsuccessful, I looked to IVF. When I went to the doctor, she said I was just too old, though all my tests were normal. I gave up hope, but then over the next 2 years, I got pregnant twice but unfortunately miscarried. I then decided to return to some kind of fertility evaluation over the last 2 years. I got pregnant one more time and again miscarried. I started looking for help and found Advanced Fertility Solutions. Since then I have been able to do ivf/egg retrievals and able to fertilize 9 of my eggs. I am happy with what I have been to achieve and recommend this company if you are having issues.


I have been using this Ultimate Fertility Package for 6 months and I had a good jump in my AMH from 0.1 to 0.4! it is still too low to perform any IFV treatment but I do have my faith in this package and will continue taking them. Ohh and I went from no periods for 6 months to regular cycles thanks to this miracle package. Thank you!


At 45 years of age, my AMH was very low, 0.4. After just one month of taking the Ovance +RPM, my AMH increased to 1.25! I decided to have my AMH tested once per month so I could keep up with the results. The next month it had dropped to .95. The third month back up to 1.5. I am continuing this product as well as the IVF 1& 2, as I will be undergoing IVF soon. I was able to get one healthy blastocyst and hopefully, I will get successful implantation. Before I started Dr. Martin’s program, I had 1 unsuccessful Ivf with no blastocysts. I am very pleased with Dr. Martin and his miracle supplements. He is wonderful at communicating, asking how you’re doing and offering any help and advice he can. That’s something I really appreciate. His pills also make me feel so much better in general too.


After 6 months of taking the Ultimate Fertility Combination my latest blood test shows my AMH has increased from 0.91 to 1.75 pmol/l or 0.22 to 0.77 nglml. I will continue taking it and remain hopeful for a baby coming my way – better late than never! All the very best of luck to all the ladies out there waiting for their baby miracle!


It worked! It increased my AMH level in three months. I am 40 years old with fibroid in my uterus, chocolate cyst at the ovary and very low AMH, After the first month, I started noticing better skin and fewer mood swings. I definitely recommend it and will buy it again.


My Amh level was 0.37 and it was very frustrating as the chances of successful IVF were low. I took Ovance + Rpm formula for 3 months and now my Amh has risen to .56. I have ordered another 3 months supply. Would recommend to all who are struggling with low Amh level.


I have very low AMH/high FSH and imbalanced hormones. I have been taking this combination for 5 months now. I have noticed deeper sleep at night and more energy during the day. I also have had a greater amount of cervical fluid around my ovulation time, that I did not have much of before taking these pills. I am not pregnant yet, but feel better overall and have not had any negative side effects from these herbs. I highly recommend these herbs.


The Ultimate Fertility Combination is very easy to take and doesn’t upset your stomach. I’m 42 and had an AMH of only .18 when I started the product and also had very light flow every month. Although we still haven’t conceived yet, my AMH did double and my period flow improved greatly. I highly recommend the product.


I have been using the Ultimate Fertility Combination and I just wanted to let you know that our sweet healthy little girl, Xavia Simone, is due December 6, I’m now 20 weeks pregnant! Several of my friends/ family will be reaching out to you! Thank you!


I just wanted to let you know that I just received a positive pregnancy test. I’m 44 years old, and I am on round one, bottle #3 of the Ovance, AMH formula. So this formula works and I had not even finished the third bottle!


Hi Dr. Scott, I have been taking the Ovance and Maybe 1 formula; I am happy to share my AMH result … Two years ago my level was 1.25, then we did IVF, 2 rounds of egg retrieval, and my AMH went down to 1.05. I just started using Ovance and I am very thrilled with my AMH result, back to 1.25. This is just the beginning, and thank you for this amazing product!