OVANCE is a breakthrough in reproductive medicine

Ovance & RPM, the low AMH solution was formulated by Dr. Martin after a local IVF clinic started using the AMH test in 2009. Shortly after that, devastated clients started filtering into Dr. Martin’s office hoping for a better solution than what IVF offered. He hadn’t heard of low AMH at that stage and after turning to scientific literature to learn more, a basic idea of the problem was created.

With a deep understanding of Chinese herbal medicine and theory, Dr. Scott Martin came up with an approach. The first client he tried his formula on had AMH levels of 0.02 pmol/l ( > 0.1 ng/ml). Eight weeks later she was pregnant.

Women with low AMH levels are unable to fertilize their eggs and IVF has very low success rates. Dr Scott Martin.

Over the next few years, more and more women presented with the same problem: low AMH. Data collected from ongoing hormone tests provided scientific evidence of the effectiveness of the formula. By 2013, another formula was included with the original formula, to try and improve results. It worked. Success with the two formulas prompted wider trials that began in 2014. Willing clients repeated AMH hormone tests while using the formulas.

Ovance & RPM combination restores ovarian health to produce the best quality eggs you can grow. It works on AMH levels as low as 0.1 ng/ml or 0.02 pmol/l.

Many successful pregnancies have come from using the Ovance & RPM combination. Improved AMH and FSH levels are normal using the combination for the right amount of time. Ovance & RPM are effective combinations to treat low AMH levels and restore fertility to a woman’s eggs.


Ovance & RPM have the following effects:
  • Increase the natural production of AMH within the body.
  • Restore AMH back to normal levels.
  • Lower high FSH levels.
  • Correct imbalances of AMH to FSH ratios.
  • Correct natural hormone production without adding hormones to the body.
  • Promote healthy egg growth.
  • Increase the number of follicles growing within the ovaries
  • Restore fertility to your eggs.
  • Raises pregnancy rates.
  • Create natural pregnancies when doctors said you couldn’t
  • Reduce chromosomal abnormalities in eggs and babies, associated with low AMH levels.
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Compare changes in AMH levels and pregnancy rates from over 300 clients.


10 Low AMH Facts You Need to Know

Low AMH is no the end to your fertility; it is a problem to overcome. Low AMH levels are a big problem for IVF…they don’t have to be your problem too. Here are 10 things you should know right now.

Low AMH & IVF: Your Essential Guide Pt 1.
Low AMH & IVF: Your Essential Guide Pt 1

A low AMH diagnosis is a real blow for hopeful parents. Medical treatments to help these women are expensive with very low success rates. Current comprehension on the issue is poorly understood by both patients and doctors alike.


The ingredients of the Ovance & RPM Combination are 100% natural and pose no risk to you or your baby. Repeating an AMH test every 3 months is the best way to know your progress. Using the formulas for the recommended time is essential for proper results.

  • Panax ginseng, root 90.5 mg
  • Rehmannia glutinosa, root 135.7 mg
  • Angelica polymorpha, root 113.2 mg
  • Lycium chinense, fruit 113.2 mg
  • Astragalus membranaceous, root 230.5 mg
  • Cuscuta hydrophilae 113.2 mg
  • Fallopian multiflora, root 453.1 mg
  • Achyranthes bidentata, root 113.2 mg
  • Cullen corylifolium, seed 56.5 mg
  • Cornus officinalis, fruit 67.9 mg
  • Poria cocos, body 452.9 mg
  • Flos Roseacae Rubriae 34.5 mg
  • Fructus Foeniculi Vulgaris 56.5 mg
How long does it take for Ovance & RPM to work?

3 – 6 months is enough time to make big changes to your hormone levels.

What are the success rates?

Everyone is different and results will vary from person to person.​

Does Ovance & RPM interact with any other medications?

No. You can continue any medication with this treatment. The formulas are very well tolerated without side-effects.

What supplements can I take with Ovance & RPM?

Ovance & RPM combination is a complete solution to solve low AMH levels. You do not need to take any other supplements to enhance its effect. Continue with any supplements you are happy taking.

How does Ovance & RPM compare to other products on the market?

Ovance & RPM outperforms every other product on the market to improve egg quality and low AMH levels. This medicine can improve AMH levels from as low as 0.01 ng/ml or 0.02 pmol/l.