What All Women With Low AMH Have In Common

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After years of interviewing and helping women with low AMH levels there is something they all have in common with each other. It is so fundamental it underpins their entire fertile health and is the primary reason for infertility. Solve this problem and the other fertility problems will go away.

Here you will learn why women have low AMH levels and what the right way is to fix it.

Low AMH Levels always tired
Often we take our bodies for granted, not knowing when it needs help.

So what do all low AMH sufferers have in common?

The one thing you all have in common is some period, in the last few years, of running on empty. This could be due to being wrung out, run down, tired, exhausted, stressed out, a lengthy period of illness or just plain overworked.

I think we all have felt what it is like to be core tired. This is where you have to drag yourself through what it is you are doing, gather up your reserves and forge ahead, even though everything in your body is asking you to put it down and rest. This is life sometimes, yes? Has this been you? Is this still you?

How core tiredness affects the body.

When you go to bed at night you are supposed to recharge, just like a rechargeable battery, ready for the day’s work the following day. If you do not recharge properly during the night, you do not wake refreshed, and are certainly not at full capacity. Our underlying vitality is like the battery in your car – if it is flat you are going nowhere.

We draw energy from our food that keeps our energy topped up during the day, but if we are already undercharged or overworked, food is not enough.

Under these circumstances our body starts drawing energy from our adrenal glands in the form of adrenaline and cortisol. People who do this for too long end up with adrenal exhaustion.

Why energy from your adrenals is the worst energy you can use.

Our adrenal glands are spectacular at assisting us in times of distress. But they also create distress too. Our adrenals release cortisol. This hormone is released in response to stress. It does so in preparation for ‘flight-or-fight’ responses to external problems. It makes you feel ‘on edge’ and creates the precise feeling of stress in the body.

Whether you are responding to external stress or feeling worn out and in need of energy, cortisol will come to your rescue. It’s price? A feeling of stress and ever increasing levels of it until you find your life’s antidote.

Cortisol also blocks oxytocin. Oxytocin is the ‘love’ feeling we get. This is why stressed (cortisol) people just can’t feel the love (oxytocin) while the are stressing out.

Cortisol blocks Oxytocin production and we cannot feel love.

How do you know you are running on adrenaline and high cortisol levels?

  • Rapid weight gain mainly in the face, chest and abdomen contrasted with slender arms and legs
  • A flushed and round face
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Skin changes (bruises and purple stretch marks)
  • Muscle weakness
  • Mood swings, which show as anxiety, depression or irritability
  • Increased thirst and frequency of urination.

You do not need to have all of these symptoms and will typically manifest emotionally first with signs of fatigue.

What does all this have to do with fertility?

Cortisol is released and regulated through the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. This is exactly the same glandular axis that your reproductive system is run with. High or poorly moderated cortisol levels can disrupt this system and create imbalances in the reproductive hormones, creating infertility.

If your body does not have enough energy to run yourself on a daily basis, it does not have enough energy to grow you a baby.

It takes all of your energy to run you and your life on a daily basis. If you body is unable to keep up with the mental, physical and emotional needs placed on it, it does not have anything in reserve to grow you a baby. It takes an immense amount of energy to grow a baby. If your body cannot keep up with you, there is no way it is going to grow you a baby.

Low AMH levels pregnancy test

You do not decide if you get pregnant, you body decides for you.

Many people think the can beat their system. Take some pills, use some supplements, drink more coffee in a hope that it will all go away. The real problem is the way you run your life. Your body will put up with being pushed too far for only so long. A good example of this are high achieving girls in the last years of school. They are great academically and also with sports and have very busy lives. Then the last two years of school come in, workload and demands placed on the body keep increasing, life keeps getting harder, they struggle to keep doing as well, then boom – glandular fever. An auto-immune disease that strongly reduces their physical and mental capacity for months and months on end. What caused it? Being overworked and stressed out. What fixes it? Resting up for 6 months or more. What could have avoided it? Stepping back and listening to the body when it was asking for rest: knowing we can’t do it all, and putting some of the load down.

Same thing happens in adults. It creeps up on us. All of a sudden we notice that we are waking tired, sighing a lot, having little tolerance and getting snappy. Small things all of a sudden become big things and jobs we used to have energy for are now too much. What happens if you keep pushing yourself? You drain your adrenals of cortisol, stress yourself out and drive your body to exhaustion.Your body will down-regulate your hormones so you can’t get pregnant.

That’s right. The reason why your hormone levels are out is because your body made it so. It is not an accident. Your body doesn’t want to grow you a baby. It can’t. It is exhausted. The best way to avoid more strain being placed on it by not accidentally falling pregnant. How does it do it? What about reducing your AMH levels so much that it makes it impossible to fertilise your eggs? That would certainly work. And it does.

This is what all low AMH sufferers have in common – stressed out exhaustion in the past and your body hasn’t recovered as yet, or it doesn’t trust you to not do it again.Adding hormone medicine to your body works temporarily but does more harm than good in the long run.

A great example of this is the thyroid gland. Stressed out women will tend to have lower T3 and T4 levels in their blood stream. This is your body’s way of slowing your metabolism in a hope you will slow down a bit. You start feeling tired all the time, and go to your doctor. Here is some thyroxine. It boosts your T3 and T4 levels and you feel fine again. Problem is that your thyroid glands stops producing these naturally occurring hormones itself and the gland withers and dies. You are now on thyroxine forever. All this could have been avoided by reducing stress and making lifestyle changes to bring balance back to their lives.

Same goes for your reproductive system. It is proven that GnRH IVF stimulating drugs lower AMH levels. How can your body be expected to grow five to ten great eggs when it can’t even grow you one? By adding hormones to a hormonally depleted body you are going the same way as the thyroid gland with thyroxine. After a while it just won’t work at all any more.

Pharmaceuticals or natural health, which one do you think is better for your body?

Solve your problem at the source

If you are exhausted, run down, can’t keep up with your daily demands and cannot see an end to your problems…. YOU NEED TO STOP. Or your body will stop you. Your body will service your needs as long as your are able to service it needs. Ignore the requests of your body too long and it will just enforce them. Auto-immune diseases are a great way it gets this done. How is it, that your immune system, your number 1 best friend that has looked out for you since the day you were born, suddenly turns on you and attacks the body it cherished as its own? Because you are completely out of balance in your life. Whatever it is you have done to get to this place, you’ve got it wrong and your life needs a right proper reworking because you are fast-tracking it to destruction.

Take a rest, slow down and start thinking of how you got here, and what changes you can make to bring your life back into balance. You are the only person that can fix your life and know what the right balance is for you. Sometimes we only need a short holiday, or a break away from our everyday routines to feel refreshed. Sometimes it runs a lot deeper and you should seek out help.

Convince your body that you can both get along. Be nice to it for a while. Listen to what it is asking. Be still long enough to hear what you heart has been telling you all this time. Do this, and your life will come back into balance, your mental, physical and emotional health will return and you will begin to flourish once again, and what will follow is an increase in low AMH levels. Do these simple tips:

  • Turn off the news channel, it will only cause you stress.
  • Avoid stressful TV shows.
  • Go for a walk in the grass with your shoes off when you can.
  • Roll your sleeves up and get some sunshine on you while you do.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Lighten your heart.
  • Call a friend you haven’t talked to for a long time.
  • Plan a break away and do something you really love.
  • Watch funny movies.
  • Invite some people over and have some fun.
  • Play a game with some young children, they are the best fun.
Children know how to have the best fun

Advanced Fertility Solutions developed Ovance to help women with low AMH levels. We knew the underlying cause of this was exhaustion from some recent history. This is why RPM the Metabolism Boost formula was added to it, to help repair and restore energy to the weakened body. MaybeBaby 1 is used to bring the imbalanced hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis back into proper hormone regulation. This is how these formulas work together to repair a woman’s body, bring the body back to optimal health, improve low amh levels, restore fertility to the eggs and create pregnancy. This is why we call it the Ultimate Fertility Combination.

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