Why does your doctor say, “You can’t raise AMH levels?”

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One simple reason: they don’t know any better.

Doctor knows best” is on its way out.

Visiting your doctor is the first port of call for most people when sick. Today the idea that “If my doctor can’t help me, then no-one can,” is standard for many people. Alternative Medicines are used by millions of people daily yet Modern Medicine dismisses them out of hand as “unproved and unscientific.” The possibility that alternative treatments can help problems that Modern Medicine can’t, is something doctors and people struggle to believe. Is it because it is not true, or that we have been conditioned to think that way?

Why your Doctor says you can't get pregnant
“Doctor knows best” is not as true as it once was. Developments in alternative fields are shaking the foundations of modern medical treatments and patients are voting with their feet.

The public at large and physicians tend to believe that medicine is a perfect science rather than an imperfect art.

One hundred years ago doctors would drink their patient’s urine to help with diagnosis. “Soothing syrups” laced with narcotics were the first order of treatment for children. Heroin was used for coughs, mercury for STD’s. Fifty years ago tobacco advertising showed scientific evidence of the benefits of smoking. It wasn’t until the 60’s that an icepick through the eye socket into the brain was not the best treatment for depression.

We know these things to be ludicrous now but were once standard medical treatment. How many things do we currently take for granted will also be ludicrous in 100 years? Only time will tell.

Marketing promoted ‘backed by science’ tobacco sales.

People believe that improvements in science have brought about better medicine. Scientific method proves effective treatments. Falling prey to unscientific and foolish treatments should no longer exist. Science protects us from what is true and what is not.

Science and medicine are vulnerable to mistakes.

“Think what number of drugs that for years had an honored place in the pharmacopeias have fallen by the way. All used with apparent success and then found to be inert.” See the full article here

Aspirin is a household drug. Its ability to thin the blood helps slow down the recurrence of heart attacks and strokes. On this success, a favorable medical trend developed. Doctors prescribe aspirin to healthy people as a preventative for cardiovascular disease. For decades now aspirin has been keeping healthy people healthy. However, this was not based on science, rather a hunch based on science. A large 2010 study showed that aspirin prescribed to healthy people does harm but no good. Aspirin induces bleeding disorders, and not one single positive effect has been recorded. It seems that science has not delivered us from the mistakes of the past. See the full article here.

Every statement in this ad has been proven false over time, using science.

New evidence struggles to change people’s beliefs popularised by old science.

There is 21st Century belief that “If science hasn’t proven a thing to be true; hence, it must be untrue.” Science is the foundation of Modern Medicine. Ergo, “If Modern Medicine cannot fix it, Science says it cannot be fixed.” These two statements represent a fundamental attitude of doctors in Modern Medicine.

“Only Modern Medicine can define what is medically possible.”

Intuition would suggest this statement is unlikely. The belief prevails. The following is also true of the medical industry.

“Bias and lack of education attribute to 40% of hospital deaths due to misdiagnosis in the UK.” See the full article here.

Iatrogenesis (death from medical treatment) is the 3rd highest cause of death in the USA. See the full article here.
There are no minimum effectiveness levels set for pharmaceutical drugs. A rate of ‘above zero’ effect is all that is required for FDA approval. See the full article here.
In the last few years pharmaceutical companies have agreed to pay over $13 billion to resolve U.S. Department of Justice allegations of fraudulent marketing practices, including the promotion of medicines for uses that were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. See the full article here.

The pharmaceutical industry sponsors all scientific research provided for Modern Medicine treatments.

Modern Medicine is as fallible as the rest of us.

Believing only Modern Medicine has the answers, is bad news for those whom medicine fails. What is worse is that most doctors do not know what to do when it does fail. Treatments often fall short of expectations. Despair and helplessness usually follow patients whose medical treatment have failed. Many doctors are unable to refer these people on to other modalities. Rules bind doctors to whom they can refer patients when they can no longer help.

Alternative solutions are necessary for people whose medical treatments have failed.

“Alternative medicines are unproven, unscientific and don’t work,” is a common perception. “If my doctor hasn’t heard of it, it must not be any good,” is another misconception. Millions of people daily, receive benefit from these “unscientific and unproven” alternative therapies. When a doctor says something doesn’t work, and the patient discovers it does, who is looking silly now? Governments are installing acupuncture in hospitals around the world. Acupuncture is helping curb the opioid epidemic created by prescription medicine. See a full list of hospitals using acupuncture here.

$115 Bn spent on alternative treatments in 2015. Are all these people wrong? Or is it the doctor’s attitude that needs adjusting?

When a patient asks, “What else can be done?” the answers go beyond the training of your doctor. Asking your doctor’s opinion on something they have no experience or training in will not give you an informed answer. In most cases, your doctor is unaware of the capabilities of alternative therapies.

It is a failure of Modern Medicine not to educate our doctors on the effectiveness of alternative therapies.

Proof of benefits using some alternative therapies over Modern Medicine is supported by scientific research. Regardless of effect and benefit to patients, these treatments will not be included into Modern Medical practice. Doctors and people ask for scientific evidence of alternative treatments. Yet when provided, ignore the conclusions. See the full article here.

The Modern Medical industry actively excludes other modalities from its practice. It is up to the patient to find answers when the medical industry has none. Modern Medicine makes mistakes. Doctors and science make mistakes too. Medical knowledge and advice are still young. Adopting the attitudes of your doctors when their treatment fails is not going to solve your problem.

Seek out professionals for other modalities and ask their advice. See if what they say rings true for you.

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Took ovance the combo and it gone up at first it was 0.064 and now it 0.99 just only the 3 months supply not pregnant yet but fingers crossed I will be ordering more of them soon I wish I had done that before ran out hope it doesn’t fall back down thanks Dr.scott

Hello Dr.

I would like to know if a AMH count of 0.440 to low to get pregnant even though my FSH is fine

Hi Jahrya, thanks for your question. Normal day 3 FSH levels are a good indicator for AMH recovery using the Ovance + RPM formulas we offer. The higher day 3 FSH levels become, the harder it is for any treatment to have an effect. Day 3 FSH levels of 16 IU/L and above render IVF ovarian stimulating hormone therapy ineffective. We have found that once FSH levels get above 40 IU/L recovery is hard, and above 60 IU/L recovery unlikely.
To conclude, the lower day 3 FSH levels are, the higher the chance of positive recovery, regardless of how low AMH levels may be.
Here is the link to our solution https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/product/ovance-and-rpm-combination/

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