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Ovance and RPM can create pregnancies when doctors say only IVF can help.
Ovance and RPM can create pregnancies when doctors say only IVF can help.

The data posted on this website has been collated from people just like you. The results of hormone tests can indicate infertility problems. Observing changes in tested hormone levels creates scientific evidence. These changes help guide couples and doctors how effective a treatment is working.

Please upload your most recent test results before starting the treatment. We recommend repeating your hormone tests every three to four months. This way you can gauge how effective the treatment has been. You can also judge how much longer you should use the formulas to get the results you want. By providing your before and after hormone test results you will contribute to the guidance we offer.

Help others wanting to solve their fertility problems. Please upload your hormone test results as you have them done. It is as simple as taking a photo of the results at your doctor’s office then uploading them below. Remember that your test results are your property. Your doctor cannot withhold these results from you when requested.


Please use the uploader to add your files to our secure database. Your email address helps organize our files. You may add up to five files. You can upload photos or scanned copies of your files directly from your device. You can also use the camera on your device to take photos of your results within the upload application.

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    Alyssa Wampole
    Las Vegas Oriental Medical

    This post is also available in: Español

    Today a patient of mine brought in her AMH test results…her results were tested again after just three months of taking the Ultimate Fertility Combination formulas. I put her on the formulas at the end of May after a failed IVF cycle. AMH levels went from 0.96 (the previous test was in 2017) to 2.65 after just three months of taking the herbs. She is 38 years old, last year her levels dropped from 2.4 down to 0.96 in about seven months, and now she is back up and past where she was before. Thanks again for the great products.