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Changes to delivery times in the ongoing Covid-19 world
Shutdowns, lockdowns, and closures are redefining our normal lives.
As a result of Covid-19 public safety measures, nothing is working the way it used to.
  • Expectations we had 3 months ago don’t match what anything we are currently experiencing.
  • Realizing that this affects delivery times is also a part of this new reality.
  • While the globe struggles to adapt to these changes, it is reasonable to expect people and businesses are doing what they can under the circumstances.
  • Real-time information about what to expect is not available.
  • No-one knows what is going to happen or when.
  • Likewise, delivery companies cannot tell you when your order will arrive or when: only to expect it to arrive as soon as they can manage.
  • Like you, as governments, authorities, and businesses move towards a new reality, we are looking forward to services returning to normal.
  • For now, we cannot give any accurate estimates when your order will arrive, only that it will arrive.
  • Requests for refunds will be honored in line with our returns policy.
  • We will not grant refunds for unreturned orders.
  • We will not grant refunds on orders that are in transit.
Your understanding and patience in this matter are greatly appreciated.

How do I track my delivery?

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Tracking advice will be sent to your account within 5 days of your initial order. The email is titled “Your delivery is on its way!” Please check your spam mail if you have not received it. You can also login to your account  for this information.

Your tracking advice will tell you which site to choose to track your items depending on what warehouse it is being shipped from.

China WarehouseAustralia Warehouse

Use the tracking number you have been given to track your order on the relevant site.

We have noticed that the courier company can be slow in updating tracking information. Sometimes it will show that the package is still sitting in the warehouse, when in fact it has been on its way to you for many days. This is exclusively due to the courier service not updating their records, not because the warehouse has not sent your order. It may take a few days or more for your shipment to show up on the tracking website. 

Where is my order coming from?

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We have two warehouses — one in China, the other in Australia.

Depending on what is ordered, the appropriate warehouse is notified. If an order requires the stock from different warehouses, then the order will be sent in two packages from the various warehouses. Almost all orders come from the China warehouse. You will be notified if your order is coming from two different warehouses.

The China warehouse uses a delivery service called PostNL. All orders are first shipped to PostNL headquarters in the Netherlands, and then on-forwarded to your destination. The Australia warehouse uses The Australia Post eParcel delivery service.

How long does it take to ship my order?

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Your order is received through the Stripe payment portal using the WooCommerce platform. Once payment is successful, an email is sent notifying that an order has been received. If the order is within business hours, the order will be forwarded to the warehouse that day. If the order is placed outside of business hours, it will be forwarded to the warehouse the following business day.

If you order at 4:30 pm on Friday, your order will not be forwarded to the warehouse until Monday. In almost all cases, the order is forwarded to the warehouse the day it is received.

Orders are packed and passed onto the courier for shipping within three business days of your original order date. If you order close to a weekend, your order may not be dispatched until the following Monday, making it up to a maximum of 5 actual days before it is passed to a courier. It’s not what anyone wants to hear, but it is a reality for international shipping and the time zones involved.

Please see below for more information regarding the different delivery status’ available in your tracking advice.

How long does it take to deliver my order?

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It typically takes 10 – 12 days after this time for your delivery to arrive. If your delivery takes longer than that it is because of weekends in between your order and/or it is waiting for customs clearance.

You have a tracking number and a tracking address. This information can track your parcel. Once your package sends, no-one can provide any further information than what the tracking advice says. Unfortunately, the courier service can be slow in its updates, and if you are in Australia or Canada, you may experience no updates until it is actually on your doorstep. Advanced Fertility Solutions has no control over your delivery once it has left the warehouse. We are working to improve your delivery times.

Please see below for more information regarding the different delivery status’ available in your tracking advice.

Where should I enquire so my delivery arrives faster?

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The squeaky wheel gets the most oil, right? Sorry, enquiring and complaining doesn’t make deliveries go faster. This is because the people you order it off, aren’t the ones delivering it to you! We rely on delivery services, just like you do.

Once your parcel sends we can provide no further information than what your tracking advice says. Hoping that we can speed up customs procedures, or call the international or local courier, or postal service to know the status of your delivery is not realistic. Your tracking advice is your oracle, not our email service.

Patience is the only solution to this problem.

Delivery Status: “The item is pre-advised to PostNL.”

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The warehouse notifies the courier company that an order is coming. The courier company generates and provides a tracking number to the warehouse.

Delivery Status: “The item is ready for shipment.”

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The order is then prepared, packaged, and boxed into its final form for shipment. The preceding steps and pick up by the courier will typically take two business days at most.

Remember, China is most likely in another time zone to you. The US is twelve hours behind China, so if you order at midday in the US, it is midnight in China, and nothing will happen there until the following day.

Delivery Status: “The shipment has been handed over to PostNL.”

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The most significant confusion our customers have is this step. Your tracking information will read ‘the item is ready for shipment.’ But it looks like it has been sitting in the warehouse for days waiting to be picked up by the courier: this is not the case.

Your order is not sitting in the warehouse.
Your order is on the way to PostNL’s headquarters in the Netherlands.
Your first update from the courier company will say, “The shipment has been handed over to PostNL.” This means your package is now in the Netherlands to be on-forwarded to your address.
If you see no update in your tracking from “The item is ready for shipment” it is because it has not arrived at the sorting center in the Netherlands.

It can take 5 – 6 days from when the order is first placed for the courier to update the tracking the “The shipment has been handed over to PostNL.” All of this time includes preparing, packaging, boxing, notifying the courier, creating the tracking number, picking up the shipment, passing through Chinese customs and then arriving at PostNL in the Netherlands for sorting. This time includes the “all orders are sent within three business days” plus the first few days of actual sipping. This is the process the courier company uses. We have no control over this aspect of the delivery.

Very important
Once your order has been handed over to the courier we have no control over any further aspect of the delivery – it is officially ‘out-of-our-hands.’

“Consignment received at the PostNL Acceptance Center.”
“The item is processed at the PostNL sorting center.”
“The item is at the PostNL sorting center.”
“The item is on transport to the country of destination.”

These four aspects usually happen within 48 hours. Your package has arrived at PostNL, and they are processing and sorting your order to go with other shipments they may have to your country of destination.

If this process takes longer than 48 hours, it is because there is a weekend included in the time-frame.

Delivery Status: “The item has arrived in the country of destination.”

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Your order has landed in your country and is awaiting clearance from customs.

Your package must pass through customs before being delivered in your country. Customs has no issues letting your products into your country, how long they take to do that is up to them.

Every delay our clients have experienced in shipping is due to customs taking their sweet time. We have no control over customs.

If you have no recent tracking update after seeing “The item has arrived in the country of destination” in your tracking advice – it is because it is still in customs. You must wait. Asking Advanced Fertility Solutions, or Dr. Martin to ‘look into it, please’ will not create clarity. We cannot improve what customs do, and we cannot help you make it go faster, nor can we provide any more information than what the tracking system offers.


Customers in the UK will be charged a government import fee of around £20 for bringing goods into the country. We have no control over this. The UK is the only country in the world that has to pay any import duty on the products we send.

If you are in any other country other than Australia or Canada, please refer to the “very important’ message just above. We have noticed that updates from the PostNL courier company in Australia and Canada don’t usually show anything until after your packages are delivered. We are very sorry this is the case, and we are addressing this issue with the courier company. What PostNL does about it is not up to us. We have never had a package undelivered; it is just a matter of time.

Delivery Status: “The item has been processed in the country of destination.”

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Customs have released your order in the capital city it arrived. Your package is now routing to a local courier company or local postal service. Your next update will be when your order has arrived at your local parcel sorting center from the capital city that it landed.

If you are in a rural or remote area or far away from your Capital city, the transit time from the Capital city to your local sorting center may take longer than other places.

Delivery Status: “The item is at the local sorting center.”

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Your local sorting center now scans your package. Your local sorting center organizes your package for delivery according to your local courier company’s or postal services procedures. Typically packages are sent out within a day of local scanning.

Delivery Status: “The item is out for delivery.”

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Congratulations, your package is due today. Our policy is to confirm delivery; it needs to be signed for. If no-one is at home or no-one can sign for the package a notice to pick up the package yourself should be left.

Delivery Status: “The item could not be delivered, and the addressee is notified to pick up the item.”

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The postal service or courier company was unable to deliver the package successfully and could not get the necessary signature to confirm delivery. In this case, a notice to pick up the time should be left.

The local delivery service SHOULD leave a pickup notice. Sometimes they don’t, or it goes missing, or people don’t see it, or people forget. Have you have noticed your package has not moved for seven days after reading, “The item has arrived in the country of destination?” Please call your local postal service and provide them with your tracking number. In most cases, the missed delivery notice has been missed, and your local post office has your package. Contact your local post office and, you can find your parcel is waiting for you to come and pick it up.

Who do I contact about shipping if my delivery expectations aren't met?

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Please contact [email protected] Shipping enquires directed to [email protected] will be referred to [email protected]

Dr. Martin handles medical and fertility solutions, and unfortunately, is not qualified to know the intricacies of international courier deliveries! Use this FAQ, written by true shipping enthusiasts to enlighten yourself and leave our good Doctor alone: courtesy of [email protected]

My formulas haven’t arrived at my expected time and I am frustrated! What should I do?

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We understand your frustration! Amazon has made deliveries so fast, anything more than a few days anywhere in the world looks like the stone age service! Right? Your products are coming internationally, not domestically, that means Customs. Customs allow packages in and out of nations.  That means that your order has to pass through at least two customs barriers before arriving on your doorstep. Amazon has these problems too if you are ordering a product from overseas.

FYI: You are ordering a specialized fertility product, not a pair of shoes or a pair of hammers. Your order is medicine, and it attracts a special kind of interest by customs. Every delay we have ever had is with Customs taking their sweet time realizing that the products are legal and legitimate, and welcome in their country. How long it takes them to come to that conclusion is out of our hands, and an unfortunate delay for both sides.

Generally, Customs delays are rare, but if you are waiting on your order, bet your bottom dollar this is why.

How do I return a product?

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Anyone wishing to return any items understands and abides by the returns policy.

We have a returns base in the USA. Please make sure that anything you wish to return is sent to this address, and not back to the China or Australia warehouse. The address is

Advanced Fertility Solutions

c/o Alyssa Wampole

9030 W Sahara Ave #717

Las Vegas, NV 89117

Please note:
This document explains everything Advanced Fertility Solutions, and Dr. Martin knows about the processes from payment to delivery. Every step is described in detail. Inquiries about “Where is my order” will create a response exclusively with this document. Providing this document as a response is the most we can offer. We have no control over what happens to your order once your tracking information says “The item is ready for shipment.”


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this information.
Thank you even more for your understanding and patience.