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Please use our calendar below to book your 30 minute one-on-one video consultation with Lead Medical Advisor Dr. Scott Martin. Take the time to discuss your needs and find clarity on your fertility issues. By the end of our consultation, you will have insight and a treatment plan to help you on your fertility journey.

Please have any relevant medical documents on hand for the appointment so we can access the information quickly.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Cost: $69*

*Please note all consultations are free if you purchase any products from our fertility solutions. Upon completion of the consultations, a $69 COUPON to use in the store will be sent to you.

Video conference instructions will be sent upon confirmation of your booking.

Dr. Scott Martin is currently in Australia, which may make appointment times appear unusual for your time zone.


Getting Pregnant Naturally After 40
Getting pregnant at 40 and over

New mothers in their 40’s are becoming more common. Falling pregnant in your 40’s is harder than in your 20’s, yet the desire for children comes at different ages. There are some critical things you should know to help you fall pregnant in your 40’s. Learn about getting pregnant naturally after 40.

Low AMH Facts
10 Low AMH Facts You Need to Know

Low AMH is no the end to your fertility; it is a problem to overcome. Low AMH levels are a big problem for IVF…they don’t have to be your problem too. Here are 10 things you should know right now.


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