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ultimate fertility combinations
overcome your fertility challenges.
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The Ultimate Fertility Combination

there are 5 essential elements to fertility.

These elements are all connected, and dependent on each other to thrive. A weakness in one of these elements will impact the other elements and can reduce fertility or prevent pregnancy altogether. Learn about the 5 essential elements here

The 5 elements essential to female fertility are

  1. Quality eggs. The ovaries should mature at least 8 eggs per month for one to qualify as fertile. Numbers less than this reduce pregnancy and IVF success rates significantly. Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) levels predict egg production, health, and fertility. 
  2. Regular menstrual cycle: between 27 and 30-day cycles, with 3 – 5 days of pain-free, trouble-free menstruation with a fresh, and red menstrual flow. Regularity is a sign the reproductive hormones are in balance and the ovarian and uterine cycles (bb) in phase. A basic hormone test can measure any imbalances.
  3. Endometrium: thick, healthy, and receptive, ready to receive and grow the embryo through pregnancy. The color, duration, and volume of the menstrual flow can diagnose the quality and capacity of the endometrium to support early pregnancy.
  4. Energy: enough to meet the demands of daily life and support the new pregnancy. A lack of energy can prevent pregnancy or result in a miscarriage. Supplement your energy reserves to support your body and your pregnancy.
  5. Support: to help you when and where you need it. Asking for help through life is a necessity. Knowing where to get the help you need is a skill. When it comes to fertility support, education is the key.


All 5 elements of fertility must be healthy and strong to create a pregnancy and deliver a baby. The formulas offered in the Ultimate Fertility Combinations cover the elements essential to fertility and pregnancy. Choose the right fertility combination to suit your fertility needs.

choose the right fertility support from the following combinations.

the Ultimate Fertility Combination I

The formulas in this fertility combination are:

  • Ovance formula for increasing AMH levels and improving egg quality.
  • RPM formula for boosting energy levels and vitality.
  • MaybeBaby formula for hormone regulation, endometrial receptivity, and pregnancy.


Ovance: low amh and egg quality

Ovance contains ingredients used in studies to observe their impact on women’s ovarian functions. Research showed positive results in the following areas. (aa).

  • increased ovarian function with follicle development.
  • raised AMH levels.
  • decreased FSH levels
  • higher antral follicle count.
  • no difference to Estrogen E2 is reported.
  • no serious side-effects.


RPM: energy boost

RPM formula is for better vitality and energy levels. Ingredients within RPM have been used for hundreds of years to treat generalized weakness, chronic fatigue, and a system-wide lack of energy and vitality (bb).

Low energy levels mean your body is struggling to keep up. If your body does not have enough energy to run you, it does not have enough energy to grow you a baby. Improving digestive function is like having better fuel efficiency in your car – you go further on less.  Ingredients in RPM have a system-wide effect on the functions of the body. The sense of improved health, greater vitality, and higher are commonly reported.

MaybeBaby: pregnancy formula

MaybeBaby is our primary pregnancy formula using ingredients known to have positive effects on women’s fertility and increase pregnancy rates (bb). Research and studies have observed (cc) the benefits of these ingredients acting on many fertility areas.

  • regulation of women’s reproductive hormones (mm).
  • improved ovarian function (dd)
  • enhanced uterine receptivity (ee).
  • increased endometrial blood flow in the uterus (gg).
  • higher egg quality, implantation, and pregnancy rates for IVF (ff).
  • Lowered high FSH levels (hh).


Assist your reproductive system, menstrual cycles, and fertility without using artificial hormones to do so.

Package Includes
  • MaybeBaby x 1 bottle
  • Ovance x 1 bottle
  • RPM x 1 bottle
The Ultimate Fertility Combination
It's a 20 minute read on the nature of fertility, what causes infertility and how to recognise what your body is saying. written simply, easy to understand.

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Understanding fertility has never been easier.

This guide is an easy 20-minute read. It is written simply to promote clarity and reduce confusion. Reading this guide will help you better understand your body, your fertility, and the field of reproductive medicine. Learn about the 5 elements of natural fertility, what causes infertility, recognize what your body is telling you, and much more…

by reading this guide
  • Understand fertility problems beyond what hormone and blood tests can tell you
  • How to read your body’s symptoms and signs and recognize possible fertility problems
  • Are your ongoing treatments not working? Learn about what they may be missing.
  • Learn how to increase fertility, and bring yourself back into balance.
  • Overcome the obstacles that are preventing your pregnancy.


You and your fertility are more than a reproductive system, that is governed by hormone levels and defined by blood test results. Go beyond the medical point-of-view and step into the bigger picture. See your fertility as a whole and gain from this perspective.


Ultimate Fertility Combination II

In the Ultimate Fertility Combination II we have replaced the RPM Energy formula with the TruCycle Menstruation formula. Ovance and MaybeBaby formulas keep their role and effect mentioned above in the Ultimate Fertility Combination I.

The formulas in this combination are

  • Ovance formula for increasing AMH levels and improving egg quality.
  • MaybeBaby formula for hormone regulation, endometrial receptivity, and pregnancy.
  • TruCycle formula for improved endometrial thickening and receptivity. Also for a fresh red healthy menstrual flow and improved menstrual volume.


TruCycle: Menstruation formula

TruCycle formula contains ingredients studied and shown to have a positive effect on endometrial growth and thickening as a result of better endometrial blood flow (jj). These improvements can make the difference needed for an embryo to implant and create a pregnancy. The effects of TruCycle formula can be seen as an increase in menstrual volume and the flow becoming only fresh and red in color.

The endometrial lining of your uterus is like the soil that your embryo implants into. It is a woman’s blood that creates the endometrial lining and provides the nutrients needed for the embryo to grow. The endometrial lining breaks down every month and becomes the menstrual flow. A light or scanty menstrual flow will indicate a thinner than normal endometrium. A rusty to brown or pinkish to light-red menstrual color shows the endometrium is lacking in quality and nutrition. All of these circumstances reduce endometrial receptivity for embryo implantation. As a result, the embryo cannot thrive or survive, and pregnancy will fail before it even began.

TruCycle formula is indicated for women with the following changes in the color of menstrual flow that last beyond half a day:

  • Rusty or brown menstrual blood.
  • Light red or pinkish menstrual blood.
  • Dark red, purple, or blackish menstrual blood.
  • May also include menstrual clots

TruCycle is also indicated for women with the following menstrual cycle irregularities and the volume of menstrual flow.

  • ‘Light.’ It may go on for days but the need to change menstrual products is reduced.
  • ‘Short.’ Mostly completed in less than 3 days.
  • Too ‘long.’ Any menstrual flow extending beyond 7 days.
  • Too ‘heavy.’ The need for ‘super plus’ or ‘ultra’ or frequent changing of ‘super’ menstrual products.
  • Arrives in less than 24 days.
  • Inconsistent periods normally arriving at different times.
  • Normally longer than 33 days.


Other formulas available may be more suitable for treatment, depending on the menstrual symptoms and signs. Learn more about it here.

Package Includes
  • MaybeBaby x 1 bottle
  • Ovance x 1 bottle
  • TruCycle x 1 bottle
Ultimate Couples Fertility Support

This is a comprehensive package to support both female and male fertility. Representing both value and versatility, you can choose from many options depending on your requirements.

For Her: Choose between the Ultimate Fertility Support Combinations above. Included is a 1 month supply of SafeBaby to use once a pregnancy is confirmed.

For Him: Three month supply of any MenOvance formula you prefer. Please visit the MenOvance page to understand which formula may be right for you.

Fertility support indications
  • Choose between the fertility elements mentioned in the Ultimate Fertility Support Combinations I & II
  • Assistance supporting male sexual function or sperm parameters.
  • Pregnancy support.
Package Includes:
  • MaybeBaby 1 x bottle
  • Ovance x 1 bottle
  • TruCycle+ x 1 bottle
  • Safe & Secure Baby x 1 bottle
  • MenOvance III x 1 bottle
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