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Our Research Is Simple
We know that the Ovance & RPM Combination is effective at increasing Low AMH levels in women.

Data is collated via blood serum AMH results at three monthly intervals of treatment. ‘Before and after’ blood serum levels of AMH provides scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the formulas.

Between 2018 and 2022, 548 women used the formulas Ovance and RPM, responding with their results. All women had confirmed blood serum AMH levels below reference ranges of 1.96 ng/ml and 14 pmol/l. All patients used the treatment for a minimum of three months.

After three months blood serum AMH levels were tested again and compared. Those wishing to continue the treatment did so at three-month intervals for a maximum of nine months. Drop out rate by month three was ten, by month six 412 women remained, and month nine 52 remained to provide results.


How much the Ovance & RPM combination improves AMH levels in women?

How Ovance & RPM performs, compared with variations in FSH levels?

How effective the treatment is to create pregnancies for women using the treatment?

AMH levels and needed time for treatment
AMH versus natural pregnancy rates over 9 months
Compare AMH to FSH levels to determine your outcomes using Ovance & RPM formulas

The chart above compares pre-treatment AMH and FSH values. Then shows the average rises in AMH levels. It also shows average drops in FSH levels. The results are gathered from respondents using Ovance and RPM formulas over a six month period.

Form the results, it is easy to see that the higher your AMH levels and the lower your FSH Levels, the more likely the formulas are to work. The lower your AMH levels and the higher your FSH Levels, the less likely the formulas are to work. This data is taken from 362 respondents submitting their hormone results from 2018 – 2022.

How to use this chart.
  • Start by finding your FSH range in column 1.
  • Then find your AMH range in column 2 or 3. Make sure you select the correct measurement of AMH – either ng/ml in column 2, or pmol/l in column 3.
  • Once you have discovered where you sit in the FSH to AMH comparison, start moving to the results recorded in columns 4 – 7. If you have selected AMH measured in ng/ml you can see the expected rise in AMH levels over six months (column 4). If you have selected AMH measured in pmol/l you can see the expected rise in AMH levels over six months (column 5).
  • Now move to column 6. This will tell you the average expected drop in FSH Levels over a six month period.
  • Column 7 provides an average success rates at the levels quoted. For example > 85% means that 85 out of 100 women will achieve the average results quoted on that particular line. < 10% means that less that 10 women per 100 will achieve these results.
  • > means greater than. Example > 45 IU/L FSH means greater than 45 IU/L (International Units per Liter) of Follicular Stimulating Hormone levels measured on your day 3 hormone test.
  • < means less than. Example Example < 14 IU/L FSH means less than 14 IU/L (International Units per Liter) of Follicular Stimulating Hormone levels measured on your day 3 hormone test.
  • Example +1.7 (0.4) ng/ml means that over six months there is an average expected rise of 1.7 ng/ml with a variation of 0.4 ng/ml above or below 1.7 ng/ml (this is called standard deviation).
  • Example: You have a day 3 FSH level of 26 IU/L and an AMH level of 0.3 ng/ml. You would find your levels represented on line 12.
  • Interpretation of line 12: 75% of women using Ovance and RPM formula experience a 1.7 ng/ml rise in their AMH levels, with a minimum rise of 1.4 ng/ml and a maximum rise of 2.0 ng/ml (this is the standard deviation from the the average of 1.7 ng/ml). You can also expect a drop in FSH levels of 20 IU/L with a minimum drop of 14 IU/L and a maximum drop of 26 IU/L (once again, the standard deviation from 20 IU/L).

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The data gathered while using the Ovance and RPM formulas may have been impacted by prior or continued use of other supplements during the course of treatment. Patients were allowed to continue existing supplementations that they were happy using longer than three months prior to the course of treatment. Patients using supplementation for less than three months prior to beginning treatment were asked to discontinue use. Adding new elements of supplementation during the treatment periods was discouraged and appeared respected by the patients. We felt that any effects of prior supplementation would be reflected in baseline blood serum analyses prior to treatment.

We acknowledge the possibility that some changes in tested hormone levels may be the result of interactions between existing supplementations and the Ovance and RPM treatment. Though cross-contamination of treatments is a reality in this study, it is also a reality for most studies done on people. Human trials of popular supplements used to treat the effects of low AMH on egg quality are few and conclude negligible differences between subject groups. With these considerations, we feel confident that the data collected and conclusions drawn from the data is a valid representation of the efficacy of Ovance and RPM on AMH and FSH levels in women. Live birth rates during the course of treatment was statistically high for low AMH groups.


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