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The essential guide
to male fertility treatment

All parents want to give their children the best chance in life. Options of how to nurture your child once born are endless and changeable. However, the nature of your child passed on by your one sperm to your partner’s one egg is set that first day, and unchangeable.

Your sperm health and egg health of partner at the time of conception create the genetic makeup and nature of your child. If you want to give your child the best head start in life, having great sperm is the your first step.

The basics of great Dad’s sperm.

Sperm Count: more than enough is always better than not enough. The higher your sperm count, the more fertile you are. 20 – 40 million are the minimum standard you need to be fertile. 100 million and above is excellent fertility and something to be proud of. Having a pass on your sperm count test is your first qualifier from great Dad’s sperm.

Sperm motility: You’ve passed the sperm count test, but do they know how to swim? Your motility results on a sperm test are broken up into 4 parts. Rapid progressive, progressive,  non-progressive and total motility. 40% total motility is needed for a pass. Of that 40% , 32% of your sperm should be progressive. Rapid progressive sperm are the ones that count the most. Of the millions of sperm ejaculated, only 6 – 12 individual sperm travel far enough to meet an egg. Your rapid progressive sperm are your winners and what you want to make up your overall motility percentages.

Sperm Morphology: not all sperm are equal. Out of all the sperm you produce the majority will appear heavily mutated. This is normal and nothing to worry about. 4% good morphology is all you need for a pass. The other 96% can continue playing by the nuclear reactor station. One head, one tail, well shaped, with no apparent defects is good morphology.

DNA fragmentation: If you have passed all previous tests, you will pass this test. If your sperm has failed all the previous tests and your IVF doctor is struggling to pick out good sperm to use, this test is the ‘make or break’ of your fertility. DNA fragmentation requires a special ‘Tunel’ test.

The only way you can tell how proud you can be of your sperm is to put them to the test. A semen analysis is simple and easy and the only way you will ever know if you have great Dad sperm. There are no symptoms of good or bad sperm, a semen analysis is the only way to know.

If you or your partner are trying for a baby, and want to make sure everything is working as it should… do this one test. 40% of all problems preventing a pregnancy are sperm related.

Good news is that if your sperm do not meet requirements, the MenOvance range we offer can help meet you there. Use the information provided on your semen analysis to judge if, where and what you need help with. The MenOvance range has specific formulas to help with any area you need. Match the formula to the problem you need solved and really give your child the best head start you can provide.


To see scientific publications of the trails and effectiveness the formulations of MenOvance are associated with, please click this link.

MenOvance formulas have proven, time and again, with before and after semen analyses, that it is capable of strengthening overall male sexual function and restoring sperm count to within reference ranges.Dr Scott Martin.
The MenOvance range Can treat the following conditions:
  • Impotence and erectile dysfunction
  • Absent sperm (azoospermia) – the semen doesn’t contain any sperm. This may be caused by a blockage of the tubes or testicular failure. If there is a blockage, such as varicocele, surgery may be required to retrieve the semen.
  • Low sperm count (oligospermia or oligozoospermia) – there is just not enough sperm to bring about conception.
  • Abnormal shape (teratospermia) – a healthy sperm is shaped like a streamlined tadpole. Abnormally shaped sperm may have problems penetrating the surface of the woman’s egg.
  • Poor motility (asthenozoospermia) – a healthy sperm has a lashing tail which helps it to swim through the woman’s reproductive system. Sperm with poor motility may swim feebly or not at all.
  • DNA Fragmentation – where the DNA carried by the sperm head is broken and will not fertilize an egg.
  • Hypospermia – reduced seminal volume.
  • Leucospermia – a high level of white blood cells in semen.
  • Strongly reduces oxidative stress in the sperm to promote healthy sperm production.

The MenOvance range is a proven way to restore sperm and male fertility back within reference ranges. Select from our MenOvance range to provide the best quality sperm and create that pregnancy.


This post is also available in: Español

I was devastated. After 3 failed IVF cycles due to my very poor sperm, our IVF doctor suggested we try a sperm donor. We found MenOvance and consulted with Dr. Martin. I used MenOvance 2,3 & 4 for six months and all of my sperm was back to healthy. Our next IVF cycle worked! Two and a half years later we conceived again, naturally. This stuff really worked! Thank you.


This post is also available in: Español

I am really glad we tried MenOvance. We found out that my sperm count and motility were low, and that it was the reason my wife couldn’t get pregnant. So we decided to do something about it. After using MenOvance 2 and 3 for 3 months my sperm count went from 2 million to 46 million and motility went from 12% to 58%. We were astounded with the results. 2 months later we were pregnant. Mostly we are glad it worked and my wife and I recommend MenOvance to anyone with sperm issues.


This post is also available in: Español

I had an AMH of 0.2 and FSH of 14 and I am 42. My husband’s count was a little on the low side. We did the Couples Fertility Program for 7 months, first, menovance 2 for 3 months, and we placed a second order, but by the time we finished the second order I was pregnant. It really does work! The key is to have patience. I wish you guys all the best I never thought it could happen but it did. Thanks, DR Scott

Low Sex Drive

A lack of interest in sex, erectile dysfunction, low libido and general sexual dysfunction can prevent the job from being done at the right time of the month.

Low Sperm Count

You will have received a semen analysis that noted your sperm count is below the reference range. This means that you have insufficient sperm to make it through the obstacles to fertilize the egg.

Low Sperm Motility

You will have received a semen analysis that noted your sperm motility is below the reference range. This means that your sperm does not swim fast enough to make it to the fallopian tubes and greet the egg.

Low Sperm Morphology

You will have received a semen analysis that noted your sperm morphology is below the reference range. This means that your too many of your sperm mutations and the egg rejects them all.

DNA Fragmentation

You will have done a Tunel test that confirms excessive DNA fragmentation. This means that the genetic code within your sperm it too scrambled to be accepted by an egg.

A chart showing the average rise in sperm parameters in 117 men aged between 27 and 51 years with below average reference ranges for sperm quality. These men used the MenOvance range for a period of 3 - 6 months.


Male Infertility: Does your man need help to make a baby?

As a fertility specialist, I see many women who are fertile. These women seek treatment to promote their fertility because their partner is infertile. I am surprised and disappointed at the number of men who have fertility problems but won’t treat it.

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