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The 5 essential elements of fertility


You can then easily identify areas where your fertility is strong. You will also be able to see the elements that need help. This way you see a bigger picture of fertility, beyond hormones and their results in blood tests. You may be able to tell where your current treatments are going wrong and choose the Ultimate Fertility Combination right for you.


These elements are all connected, and dependent on each other to thrive. A weakness in one of these elements will impact and reduce others. As a consequence, overall fertility becomes reduced. Then conception and natural pregnancies become much harder to achieve. Many people cannot understand how or why the fertility problem occurred. Women then seek fertility treatments. Too often they do not work as they should.

All 5 elements of fertility must be healthy and strong to create a pregnancy and deliver a baby.


A woman needs a healthy egg to be fertilized by quality sperm to become an embryo. Problems with egg and sperm health can prevent conception, halt a pregnancy, or be the end of fertility altogether.

The following terms are associated with egg and sperm quality problems that impact fertility and require treatment. See a full list here.

  • Low AMH levels
  • Diminished Ovarian Reserve
  • Low egg count
  • Advanced maternal age (over 35 years).
  • Poor egg quality.
  • Male factor infertility.

Ovance for women and MenOvance for men are the formulas we recommend for support in these areas and more. Ovance formula features in all Ultimate Fertility Combinations.

Ultimate Fertility Combinations can improve the elements of fertility

The endometrium is the lining of the uterus and the soil an embryo must implant into. It is the blood that creates the endometrium and provides the nutrients for the embryo to grow. The color of the menstrual flow indicates the quality of nutrition contained within the endometrial soil. and feeding the embryo. Fresh red-colored menstrual blood (like the color you see from a cut) is a sign of good quality blood that provides optimal health and nutrition to the endometrium. Learn more about menstrual symptoms here.

If you see the following colors in your flow or dominate your flow for more than half a day, there is a problem with your soil that should be corrected.

  • Rusty or brown menstrual blood.
  • Light red or pinkish menstrual blood.
  • Dark red, purple, or blackish menstrual blood.
  • May also include menstrual clots described in the next section.
  • The volume of menstrual flow requires consideration when assessing menstrual health, described in the next section.

TruCycle formula is recommended to address these symptoms and promote a fresh red healthy flow. This formula is in the Ultimate Fertility Combination II.


The volume and regularity of the menstrual flow can be compared to the expected rainfall your baby garden will receive. 3 days of ‘super’ flow or 5 days of ‘regular’ flow is normal and a sign of healthy menstrual flow.

  • ‘Light.’ It may go on for days but the need to change menstrual products is reduced.
  • ‘Short.’ Mostly completed in less than 3 days.
  • Too ‘long.’ Any menstrual flow extending beyond 7 days.
  • Too ‘heavy.’ The need for ‘super plus’ or ‘ultra’ or frequent changing of ‘super’ menstrual products.
  • Arrives in less than 24 days.
  • Inconsistent periods normally arriving at different times.
  • Normally longer than 33 days.

Combining TruCycle with MaybeBaby is recommended to address these symptoms, and are included in the Ultimate Fertility Combination II. Other treatments may be more suitable depending on the menstrual symptoms and signs. See more here.


Growing a baby demands a lot of energy. Do you currently have the energy to spare, or do you feel run-down most days? If your body struggles to keep up with you, it won’t have the energy to grow a baby too.

Good signs of healthy energy levels with room to spare.

  • Waking refreshed and ready to go.
  • Recovering from strong exercise overnight.
  • Able to get through a normal day without a noticeable drop in energy levels.
  • No real need for caffeine or energy drinks to keep going.

Symptoms and signs of pushing too hard and no energy to spare.

  • A regular sense of feeling ‘core tired’ or ‘exhausted’ especially after exercise.
  • Waking tired or not feeling refreshed and needing more sleep.
  • Dependence on coffee, stimulants, or energy drinks to get through the day.
  • Noticeable drop in energy levels during normal day-time activities, especially in the late afternoon, that may recover after a few hours.

RPM formula is the go-to formula for those struggling with energy levels and relies on caffeine, energy drinks, or other stimulants to get by. This formula is found in the Ultimate Fertility Combination I and can be selected in the Ultimate Couples Fertility Program.


Life, like the weather, has it’s moments and can vary significantly without notice. Life’s challenges throw us off balance, impacting our mental, emotional, and physical health in unpredictable ways, creating problems of their own.

Mental health is the most important health there is.

  • Being aware of the benefits of a healthy mindset is the first step.
  • The second step is to recognize when mental health is deteriorating and a problem needs attention.
  • The third step is to have a strategy to get back on track and rejoin the path to good mental health.
  • Psychologists are the people to see under these circumstances. They are the best at tidying up a messy heart and mind.
  • See here for simple steps to get yourself back on track.

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