Combinación de Ovance y RPM

Combinación de Ovance y RPM


Ovance y RPM: La combinación de baja AMH

Sus médicos pueden haberle dicho que la FIV es su única esperanza, e incluso entonces necesitará un óvulo de donante. Esto no tiene que ser cierto.

Ovance y RPM es una manera probada de aumentar los niveles bajos de AMH. Las fórmulas mejoran la calidad del óvulo y te devuelven a ti y a tus óvulos a una fertilidad óptima.

Elija entre un suministro de 3 meses o ahorre 15 en un suministro de 6 meses.

Cuanto más bajos sean sus niveles de AMH, más tiempo tardará en arreglarlo. Comprender el tiempo de tratamiento requerido comparándose con los resultados de nuestra investigación.

  • Un suministro de 3 meses es un tratamiento sólido para mejorar los niveles de AMH.
  • Se necesita un suministro de 6 meses para la mayoría de las mujeres para obtener mejores resultados. Ahorre 25 en un suministro de seis meses para devolver sus niveles bajos de AMH a la normalidad.
  • Si tiene más de 44 años de edad o tiene niveles muy bajos de AMH (por debajo de 0,5 ng/ml o 1 pmol/l) le recomendamos utilizar la combinación de Ovance y RPM a una dosis doble durante los tres primeros meses. En este caso, comprar el suministro de 6 meses y tomar 4 píldoras de ambas botellas dos veces al día.





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Comience a tomar sus fórmulas tan pronto como lleguen, qué día del mes que comienza no es importante para estas fórmulas.

Por favor, tome 2 píldoras de cada frasco dos veces al día con alimentos.

Beba con agua tibia para lavarlos y disolverlos en su sistema lo más rápido posible.

Por favor, tome sus fórmulas con o muy cerca de los alimentos.

NO tome con el estómago vacío.

Si siente alguna molestia al tomar las fórmulas, tome un vaso de agua caliente o dos y un poco de algo de comer. Esto debería restaurar el estómago rápidamente.

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Such a miracle supplement, it worked for me like Maggic. Married for 10yrs and for the pass 4 or so years, don’t see any sign of my ovulation at all. Have spent so so money money on so called fertility drugs but to no good results. In my confusion I begin to pray, pray , pray and pray for Gods help to restore my cycle. Finally we decide to go for ivf. What a big blow , my Dr got so disappointed and almost throw the result of my MAH to my face because he said was so low 0.5. He gave me 2 options, he will use the highest combination available to him to simulate my system for the ivf, I asked for his option 2, ? He said later.

We started the process , it turned out good, he told me the eggs were coming and increasing so fast. I was encouraged that finally will happen. Out of the 8 to 10 eggs during simulation, during retrieval got only one golden egg. So disappointed finally it didn’t work.

Now the big blow for his option 2 for me was to go for donor eggs because my reserves where just too low and no way to have a baby with own egg.

Couldn’t help it but broken down and cried. I went back to God in prayer so can’t there be only one medication to help me out here? After days of prayer I decided to go look on the Internet if could find something. So many Junk on the net. Just before I check out, I saw this video of Dr Scott, something attracted me to listen to the end, and it was as if he just told my story. I prayed oh God , don’t let this be yet another waste of time and money for me.

I quickly order 3 months of the Low Mah and the energy booster. I got them and I prayed 3days dry fasting no food no water that I shall only reap it benefits and nothing else. And started to take .

Wow, God heard my cry just with 2 to 3 weeks, out of curiosity I decided to go run the test. And it had moved from 0.5 to 4.3 is a miracle. Since then my cycle had being restored. I experienced full ovulation in my cycle. My Dr was surprised and asked my what happened, I told him after prayer, God lead me to get this medication and thus the results in just less than 30days. He is bent on stocking the product in his facility when the miracle comes wealthier natural or a repeat of ivf. I have finish taking for the 3month and I love ❤️ the result. My Dr wants me to quickly repeat the ivf but I have told him will see him soon with natural conception soon but the time I have done another 3months so as am typing now, am ordering for the next three month and soon, will come back to end my story with the good news of bouncy baby twins in Jesus name. Amen

Anyone that reads, don’t loss hope, pray like I did and grab yours, your testimony is assured

Hi Dr. Scott, I have been taking the Ovance and Maybe 1 formula; I am happy for my AMH result just got today … Two years ago, this was my leve also 1.25 l, then we did IVF 2 rounds of egg retrieval, my AMH went down to 1.05 on March 2018.. I just start using Ovance end of February this year. I am very thrilled with my AMH result, back to 1.25 and for sure still going up . This is just the beginning, and thank you for this amazing product!

At 45 years of age, my AMH was a very low .4. After just one month of taking the Ovance +RPM, my AMH increased to 1.25! I decided to have my AMH tested once per month so I could keep up with the results. The next month it had dropped to .95. The third month back up to 1.5. I am continuing this product as well as the IVF 1& 2, as I will he undergoing IVF soon. I was able to get one healthy blastocyst and hopefully I will get a successful implantation. Before I started Dr. Martin’s program, I had 1 unsuccessful Ivf with no blastocysts. I am very pleased with Dr. Martin and his miracle supplements. He is wonderful at communicating, asking how you’re doing and offering any help and advice he can. That’s something I really appreciate. His pills also make me feel so much better in general too.

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This post is also available in: English