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Frequently ASked QUESTIONS


These are the most commonly asked questions we have encountered over the last few years.


  • This FAQ section has answers and advice on the medications we offer.
  • You can find how to incorporate them with pharmaceutical prescriptions.
  • Are there any interactions?
  • Where can I find the scientific evidence?
  • What other supplements you should use?
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What is Anti Mullerian Hormone?

1. Anti Mullerian Hormone ( AMH ) is the hormone used to begin the growth of eggs in the ovaries.
2. AMH turns a Primordial Follicle into an Antral Follicle as seen in the chart below.
3. Anti Mullerian Hormone levels naturally decline with age. AMH levels determine the overall fertility of the egg.
4. Normal AMH levels are above 1.96 ng/ml or 14 pmol/l
5. The lower your AMH levels are, the harder it is to grow a good quality egg that will fertilise and grow into a baby.
6. Women diagnosed with low AMH levels are also referred to as having Low Ovarian Reserve and Poor Ovarian Response.
7. Women with low AMH levels can have above normal levels Follicular Stimulating Hormone ( FSH ).
8. No pharmaceutical or surgical treatments have been proven to raise low AMH levels to date.
9. IVF ovarian stimulated cycles are proven to lower AMH levels. Desarrollo del folículo con hormona antimulleriana y hormona estimulante folicular

Can Anti Mullerian Hormone levels increase?

Yes, they can! Anti-Mullerian Hormone levels can be improved. Modern medicine has no treatment to increase AMH levels. With Ovance and Ovance RPM Combination formulas can can increase your AMH levels. You need to know your AMH levels, and your day 3 FSH levels, and then you can compare yourself with our statistics.

It is the most advanced and reliable research on raising AMH levels anywhere to date. Use this information correctly to predict your probability of success with Ovance and Ovance RPM Combination formulas.

Can I lower my FSH levels?

Yes, you can! High levels of Follicular Stimulating Hormone can be lowered using Ovance and Ovance RPM Combination formulas. Use your AMH, and day 3 FSH reports to compare yourself with our statistics.

Take your time to read and understand this page.

It is the most advanced and reliable research on balancing AMH and FSH levels anywhere to date.
Use this information correctly to predict your probability of success with Ovance and Ovance RPM Combination formulas.

My doctor says nothing can improve my AMH levels and egg quality.

Please read this article to understand this topic.

I have low AMH levels, when should I do IVF?

This is a very pertinent question. Many women follow the lead of their ObGyn into IVF. Cycle after cycle produces less and less fertilisable eggs, until such a point where the doctor says there is nothing more that can be done. The real story is that there was nothing you IVF doctor or ObGyn could do in the first place. There is no treatment your doctor can provide that will improve AMH levels and egg quality. Take time to read our three part series Low AMH and IVF: Your essential guide. It will help you understand the thoughts, processes and protocols behind IVF and it’s treatment of women using IVF, and most importantly, how it relates to low AMH levels.

What other supplements can I take to improve my egg quality and AMH levels?

There are three proven treatments on the market that increase low AMH levels. DHEA, Ovance, and Ovance RPM combination. DHEA will only work if your AMH levels are above 1.1 ng/ml or 5.0 pmol/l. If your AMH levels are below this range, it will not work. Ovance and Ovance RPM combination is very effective at improving low AMH levels and lowering high FSH levels. Please visit this page to check your AMH/FSH levels against our results:  By checking yourself against our results you can predict the likelihood of success using our formulas.

Vitamin D is very important to healthy egg growth and cannot be underestimated in its importance.

CoQ10 preserves egg quality in ageing mice, but is likely to take 10 years to have the same effect in women.

For other “egg quality improving supplements” we provide a comprehensive data base referencing the research that launched their marketing. Please take the time to educate yourself, directly quoted from the scientists research.

I have low AMH levels, when should I use Clomid (Clomiphene)?

It is important to understand how your doctor’s medications work on your body and your eggs. This way you can know what effect they may have, and whether they will benefit you in your goals. Clomiphene blocks estrogen receptors in your hypothalamus gland, which in turn stimulates FSH and LH release by your pituitary. Follicular Stimulating Hormone and Leutenising Hormone work together in different amount to mature your eggs. What Clomid (Clomiphene) does not do, nor address in any way, is the lack of AMH which is required for healthy egg growth in the first place. Read this article for a deeper understanding.

Clomid mimics what your body does naturally, making it unnecessary for many women taking it. Clomid is helpful for women who have irregular menstrual cycles and do not know when they are ovulating, so that they start ovulating on time again. Almost every woman that sees a doctor for fertility will be put on Clomid. Not because Clomid is a wonder drug that creates pregnancies, rather, it is the first intervention used by doctors. Clomid isn’t especially for you, every woman seeking fertility treatment os offered it. And if doesn’t get you pregnant after a few cycles, your doctor moves you onto the next thing. To learn more about your doctor’s fertility prescriptions please read here:

This is our advice: use the Ovance & RPM formulas in whatever combination you need. Once you have finished your three month treatment get you AMH levels tested again. Are they within normal range? If yes, please proceed with Clomid. If they are below normal range, then continue with another round of Ovance formulas to get your AMH back to normal. Once you have achieved normal AMH levels, the medicine form your doctor can be effective. Until that time, you are messing with your hormone levels, and taking potentially harmful pharmaceuticals that are unlikely to have positive outcomes for you.

You will understand how your doctors treatments work by reading our Essential Guide to IVF.

Do the formulas have any side-effects?

The circumstances are rare but can happen. Sometimes it is entirely unrelated, most often because the dosage is too strong for the digestive system to begin with.

Please follow these steps.
1. Stop taking the formulas until your symptoms pass.

2. Introduce one formula back at half dose – 1 pill twice per day for one day. Do the symptoms return? If not, return to the standard treatment of two capsules twice per day the following day. Do the symptoms return? If yes, we know it is this formula that is creating the problem. Please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

3. Repeat step 2 with your other formulas one at a time and keep an eye out for the return of your symptoms.

4. Using this method, we can isolate which formula may be creating the problem and address the issue. Typically reducing the dosage of all formulas you are taking to one pill of each twice per day is sufficient to solve the problem.

5. And then over two weeks slowly return to the standard dose: this tends to solve most problems.

If this does not solve your issues, please contact [email protected]

Can I take any of the formulas with prescription medication?

As a general rule, the formulas are compatible with prescription medication. The formula offered on this site do not create side-effects or reduce the effectiveness of any medication being taken. Typically any issues that have been reported have been successfully solved by following the advice in FAQ “Do the formulas have side-effects.”

Please note that there will always unpredictable exceptions. It is important you monitor any undesired feelings in your body. If you are taking any medication or supplement, from your doctor or other therapist and begin feeling off, unwell or know that something is not right, contact your prescribing practitioner immediately. In the event of a severe adverse reaction, cease the medication immediately and visit your local hospital.

What dosage do I take?

The label on your bottle has the instructions for dosages, please follow those instructions. All formulas are to be taken two pills twice per day, with breakfast and dinner. Occasionally you may receive a bottle that requires three pills to be taken twice per day, please refer to the instructions on the label. There is also downloadable instruction manuals within the site that go into greater detail.
If you are using the RPM formula or MenOvance 3, and are having trouble sleeping, then take your second dose at lunch time please.

My period is late! Is something wrong?

It is not uncommon for a woman’s cycle to change in the first month of taking the formulas. It does not happen to every woman, but it has been reported often enough to make mention of it. As a general rule the menstrual cycle returns to normal the next month.

if you are using any of the “Return the Period” or “PCOS” formulas, please wait for the medicine to take effect and restore your normal menstrual cycle. Once you have had two regular periods in a row, you know the formulas have worked.

If everything is normal, and you have been taking the formulas successfully for some time, and your period is late… do a pregnancy test. This is the most common reason why our clients have late periods.

Do I have to take the formulas at different times in my cycle?

No. The formulas are designed to be taken through your cycle, without the need to stop at any time for any reason, unless there is an unwanted side-effect. If so please refer to FAQ “Do the formulas have side-effects.”

Should I stop taking the formulas during my period?

No. Please take your formulas twice daily until the bottles are finished. There is no need to stop taking any formulas while you are having your period. If you are using the EndoPP+ Endometriosis formula to assist with period pain, then you will have been advised by Dr. Martin to take it a few days before your period starts until your period pain has been relieved. At this time, you would return to your other prescribed formulas.

How do I know if the formulas have worked?

Good question! Typically you will have symptoms and signs, or blood hormone tests that accompany your fertility status. The formulas are designed to address these issues. In the case of adjusting your AMH/FSH hormone levels, taking another blood test after finishing your three months of treatment is important. Using post-treatment blood tests has a two-fold effect – you know scientifically what results have been achieved, and, you know whether you need to continue using the formulas to improve results, or that in fact you are fixed. Having a CT scan to see howe many eggs are growing in your ovaries, is another way to test the results when trying to improve AMH and follicular growth.

For men, a follow-up sperm test after three months of treatment is also necessary to confirm results and determine whether to continue treatment or not.

If you are using the formulas to create pregnancy, restore the menstrual cycle or resolve endometriosis, you will know when they have worked, as the results will be obvious. If you are working to restore an absent or irregular menstrual cycle then once you have had two regular menstrual cycles 26 – 30 days apart, feel confident that the treatment has worked and move onto the next phase of treatment if necessary.

When should I stop taking the formulas?

You should stop taking the formulas when they have done their job! If you become pregnant during the course of treatment you should stop taking your current prescription and begin taking Safe & Secure Baby Prevent Miscarriage combination?

What are the formulas made of?

Every single formula is 100% organic, GMO free, vegan traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Leaves, twigs, roots, barks, flowers and stems, of medicinal plants, that have been used successfully for hundreds or thousands of years, create the foundation and success of these formulas. Rigorous farming practices ensure the formula’s medicinal qualities and lab tests for heavy metals, toxins and unwanted chemicals, to make sure they are 99.999% free of any of these materials before manufacture.

How do natural fertility formulas work?

In short, we offer organic medicinals found in nature that provide proven therapeutic effects.

The formulas offered in this site treat specific conditions, but work differently from pharmaceutical treatments. Treating the source of the problem is first and foremost, when creating a solution, with the formulas offered here. Once the source of the problem is fixed, all other symptoms go away and the body returns to its normal function. This is called “solving the root cause of the problem.”

Pharmaceuticals and Supplements
The foundation of modern pharmaceutical medicine comes from exploring and testing chemical compounds from plants and animals. Once found useful, these compounds are then tweaked in the lab so they can be patented. It is law, that anything already existing in nature cannot be patented. You cannot patent a grape, but you can modify a grape so a fruit fly won’t eat it. Supplements can be defined as chemical compounds, found to be useful, but cannot be patented, because they already exist in nature. Pharmaceuticals are modifications of these same compounds, much like genetically modified crops, that can be patented. It is science’s version of an improvement on nature and highly profitable.

Chinese Herbal Medicine.
The foundation of Chinese herbal medicine starts in the same place. The medicinal effects of Chinese herbal medicine are a result of combining particular parts of plants, harvested at specific times of year. Instead of removing the active ingredients from the plants, we add the natural products together, much like cooking food, boil them down, dry them out and pack them into pills.

Think of pharmaceuticals as taking a vitamin C tablet and Chinese herbal medicine as eating carrots and oranges.

Why do my formulas not last a calendar month?

Your formulas will contain 108 pills in a 10:1 concentration.

The 108 pills will last 27 days.

They should be taken 2 pills from each bottle twice per day.

The month’s supply is based on a woman’s menstrual cycle – 28 days, not the calendar month.
When a woman starts her first bottle, 27 days later the bottle will be finished. The
second bottle will start on the 28th day. As these formulas are ‘practitioner dispense only’ a client would typically revisit their practitioner on the 28th day for assessment and prescription.

The formulas are designed to make a woman’s cycle a regular 28 days. This is why the formulas and dosages are created this way.

The same rules apply to the MenOvance range, it is just easier that way.

I have irregular periods and want to fall pregnant, what should I do?

There a many reasons why your periods may be irregular. Please visit our menstrual disorders page to help you diagnose the cause and then find your solution.

My periods have stopped, what should I do?

There a many reasons why your periods may be irregular. Please visit our menstrual disorders page to help you diagnose the cause and then find your solution.

I have endometriosis, is there a natural treatment?

Yes there is! Women are lead to believe that there is no long-term treatment for endometriosis. This unfortunate belief leads most women to a life-time of pain medication and an eventual hysterectomy. We offer a natural alternative that is proven to be effective, long-lasting and does not require surgery.

If you believe, like most women, that this could not possibly be true, even after reading the scientific evidence provided, please read: What is wrong with scientific evidence?

Is there scientific evidence to back up the formulas offered?

Yes there is. See the results and compare your levels.

Male Factor Infertility treatment results.

Endometriosis treatment results.

If you have studied our research and statistics, and read the scientific articles, but still are not sure, please read our guide to understanding science and it’s evidence.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Three business days at most. Please excuse our staff for not working on weekends, public holidays and holiday events.

Please refer to our Shipping FAQ page if you have more questions regarding shipping.

How do I contact Dr. Scott Martin?

You can contact Dr. Martin 2 ways.

The fastest way to get a response is via email at [email protected].
To get 30 minutes of Dr. Martin’s time please book a personal online consultation.

Please note that Dr. Martin travels the globe, so time zones differ from where you may send an email to where it is received. If you send an email at 4 pm on Friday afternoon your time, it maybe 1 am Saturday morning where Dr. Martin is. Please be patient awaiting your response.

Can I do a phone call consultation with Dr. Martin?

Dr. Martin does not do phone calls or phone call consultations. Dr. Martin travels regularly and returning phone calls is impractical due to time zone differences. Please use either the email [email protected] or book a personal online consultation.



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