10 Low AMH Facts You Need to Know

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Low AMH is not the end to your fertility; it is a problem to overcome. Low AMH levels are a big problem for IVF…they don’t have to be your problem too. Here are 10 low AMH facts you should know right now.

1. “Do IVF before it is too late” is bad advice.

Effective treatments to circumvent low AMH levels do not exist in IVF. It is beyond the scope of IVF to grow great quality eggs with low AMH levels. Costs are the highest and success rates the lowest. 2% – 8% of a baby per cycle is the best odds IVF can offer. The lower the AMH levels the lower the success rates are.

2. Low AMH is not the end of your fertility.

You could still have your baby. AMH levels determine the effectiveness of IVF drugs to stimulate your ovaries. The upper and lower limits of hormone tests define what Modern Medicine can do, not what is possible or impossible elsewhere. Ovance & RPM, the low AMH combination, solve low AMH levels and restores fertility to your eggs once again. Use the Ovance & RPM Combination for the right amount of time to improve ovarian function and restore fertility to your eggs.

3. A donor egg is not the only way to get pregnant.

In some instances this is true. The highest success rates of IVF are from using donor eggs of younger women. If you are out of options, a donor egg can work. For many, there is still hope.

There is a point where any treatment is unlikely to work. If your FSH levels exceed 20 IU/L on day 3 of your menstrual cycle IVF or pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapies will not be effective nor create a pregnancy.

Optimal levels of AMH are 1.69 ng/ml or 14 pmol/l (taken any time of the month) and FSH under 11.5 IU/L on day 3 of the menstrual cycle. See here

4. Normal AMH levels are not necessary for natural pregnancy.

“Good” AMH levels mean that IVF ovarian stimulating drugs will mature 5 or more eggs for harvesting during a cycle. It does not mean you cannot fall pregnant naturally with levels lower than this.

Most women only need 1.1 ng/ml or 5.0 pmol/l and above to fall pregnant. AMH scores of 0.2 ng/ml (0.02 pmol/l) are extremely low. FSH levels above 40 IU/L are very high.

The Ovance & RPM Combination can provide benefits within these ranges.

Diet and lifestyle changes will improve your overall health and well-being, but may not have sufficient influence on egg quality or pregnancy: this is where treatment is required.

5. Your Doctor or ObGyn is limited in their recommendations.

When modern medicine fails to solve the problems of their patients, it is usually up to the patient to find the answers. Rules bind doctors to whom they can refer patients when they can no longer help.

Your doctor is most likely unaware of the capabilities of treatments outside of Modern Medicine.

Asking your doctor’s opinion on something they have no experience or training in will not give you an informed answer. Seeking health professionals outside of the medical system can create the results you want. 

6. AMH underscores the ability of your ovaries to grow fertilizable eggs.

AMH begins the life cycle of your eggs. Without sufficient AMH levels, growing good eggs is like trying to grow a plant without sun. It fails to thrive.​

7. ”Low Ovarian Reserve” and “Diminished Ovarian Reserve” do not mean you are running out of eggs.

Low Ovarian Reserve describes how many eggs you are naturally growing in each ovary.

Less than 10 eggs per ovary is a sign that the ovaries are not growing eggs as they should.

Diminished Ovarian Reserve is the term used when a woman grows five or less eggs for harvesting after IVF ovarian stimulating drugs. Both of these terms can be associated with low AMH levels.

Most women entering menopause still have 1000 primordial eggs within their ovaries.

8. You don’t decide if you get pregnant, your body does.

Does your body have a hard time keeping up with you?

Do you wake up tired every morning, wishing just to stay in bed? Stressed out, strung out, wrung out?

Not enough hours in the day? It takes an enormous amount of energy to grow a baby.

It is the greatest strain your body is likely to undergo. It knows this.

If your body struggles to keep up with the daily demands placed on it: it probably does not have enough energy to grow a baby. Growing a baby for you under these conditions is too much.

9. There can be simple answers to improving your fertility.

Problems with our health generally mean there are problems in our life, and our bodies are not coping.

We generally get away with a poor diet and lifestyle while we are young. A woman’s menstrual health can be a great indicator for her fertile health. Menstruation problems such as hormone imbalance, PCOS, painful, irregular or absent periods are all a sign that things are not right. Have a look at what is going on in your life. See what you can improve.

10. Be smart about what you do next.

Most women are years into trying for a baby before a low AMH diagnosis is made. Maternal instincts are strong and desperation can be high. Throwing money at IVF yields poor results. Use real-world solutions to solve low AMH problems. Falling pregnant is not just about low AMH. Improving your health and well-being may be a necessary adjustment in your life, and unlock the key to finally falling pregnant.

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I am inquiring about fertility pills for low AMH and high FSH. I have not had my period since last September. What pills are good and how much are they?

Thank you

Hello Sehrac. Please follow this link to discover what formulas will help you recover your period.

AMH and FSH levels require separate treatments, that you can find here.


I have a blocked Fallopian tube, right fallopian removed due to epctopic pregnancy. IVF was recommended by my DR. My AMH level is at 0.03.

What are my chances of getting pregnant?

Statistically, a single missing or blocked fallopian tube reduces the chance of a natural pregnancy every month by 23%. Very low AMH levels reduce the chance of natural pregnancy by much more. While there is nothing that can likely be done about your blocked fallopian tube, addressing your AMH levels will increase those chances significantly. And yes, that is exactly what these products do.

Hi Dr Martin.
I am 45 yrs old and i have been trying to fall pregnant for long time. I got just one fallopian tube left. And now i have low ovarance reserve..so last year i bought complete pack of your medicine and i took them but i stop taking the advance one .because you said if you have high blood pressure dont take it.
So please what can i do ? I still got the medications at home

Hi Flora, thank your question. Nowhere does it say Ovance causes high blood pressure. For people with hypertension, we urge caution using RPM. That doesn’t mean people will have a problem with it, but just to watch to see if any symptoms of hypertension spike around the time of taking it. This is clearly explained in the downloadable manual that comes with the purchase and is also explained in the FAQ.
So please go back to using your products, as they are very safe, and read the FAQ here for your edification https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/faq/

Hi! There is a procedure that can be done to ‘flush’ the remaining blocked tube… do you know much about this, maybe can help? X

Dr. Scott Martin

Hi Kelly, there is a surgical procedure used to determine if a fallopian tube is blocked or not. It’s called a salpingoscopy. The procedure has run into some problems, creating ‘false positives’ where the tube appears blocked, when in fact it is not. Typically sexually transmitted disease or pelvic inflammatory disease can cause blocked tubes. If a patient has not had either of those but comes back with a positive report of a blocked tube, it may often be a false positive, and the tube is not blocked at all. you can read more about it here https://academic.oup.com/humrep/article-pdf/12/2/266/9815342/120266.pdf
We do not have a treatment option for fallopian tubes blocked by scar tissue.

I am 38 years old,my AMH is 0.43 and my FSH is 11.17 .my doctor said the only way I could get pregnant is by using donor eggs.Can you give some information on that. Thank you

Hi Shonette, the information you are seeking is on this page. You can compare your AMH and FSH levels on chart 3 to see that you have an 85% chance of returning your AMH levels to normal within 6 months using Ovance and RPM. See our research here https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/see-the-results/


How much are pills for low AMH high FSH and to get my period?

Thank you

I live in the states and recently purchased the Ovance + RPM 3 month supply (excited for these to arrive & start). I’m 39 years old, regular cycles with ovulation detected, clear HSG/tubes but my AMH is at .3 and FSH is at 12. I’m hoping Ovance+RPM coupled with fertility acupuncture and diet/exercise changes can improve our chances naturally (not even sure IVF will be an option). Reading about your products has given me renewed hope. I believe after looking at the different products you offer, that I ordered correctly? I’ll be looking to schedule a consultation as well.

Hello Heather. I am glad you are hopeful once again. I beleive that you have ordered correctly. Please check this page so you can compare yourself with our results. This way you can know what to expect using them https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/see-the-results/

Hello I’m 37yo my lh level is 42.9 my fsh is 23.4 and my amh level is <0.015 would any of these work for me i been going through ivf and so far even taking meds not working third time trying egg come in slow then go away before doctor can do anything?

Hello Candie. Your story is very familiar. Many women use IVF with low AMH levels, hoping it will help them fall pregnant. Very few women are successful, unfortunately.
Please read this article to understand more https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/low-amh-ivf-your-essential-guide-pt-1/
Also please check your hormone levels against our results to see how effective our formulas could be for you.

Victory K Orisadipe

Hi Dr Scott! This is Victory! Come across of you online while searching for low AHM solutions! Also with tube blockage! Is there any drugs that can boost my low AHM and drugs for tube blockage? Will really appreciate if you can help out

Hi Victory, we can help you out with raising AMH, no problems. It depends on what has caused your tubal blockage as to whether we can help. You should consider booking an online appointment so we can discuss it directly. https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/personal-consultations/

Hi Dr. Scott, I’ve been taking ovance rpm and had god result in May 2019, my AMH went back up to 1.25 which was the same in 2017. I sent you an email about it. Now, my OB told me to stop everything I am taking to see my baseline numbers. I am concern if my AMH might drop once I stop. My bloodwork will be in a month. Any thoughts? I can follow my OB if I need to but definitely will take the products again. I am just concern. Please advise

Hello Imee. Good question. Women’s AMH levels tend to stay up for some time after taking the formulas. So a break should not be a problem.
But this is my concern… AMH levels are a ‘baseline.’ That is why the test exists in the first place… to get that ‘baseline.’ You can measure AMH levels at any time of the month and get an accurate reading. There are no ‘special time’ or ‘certain circumstances’ under which they can be taken.
Your AMH levels are rising, and there is nothing your doctor can offer that will help. Why they want you to stop medicine that is working for you so they can get a reading is beyond my understanding.
My recommendation is to continue with the formulas you have until your levels are back within normal range. Then stops what you are taking, and impress your OB.

Hi Dr Martin,
I am a 45 years old female. We have have been trying to get pregnant for many years now, I have one tube left due to an ectopic pregnancy. My AMH is 0.467, FSH 3.56. my periods are normal.
My Doctor devised that I go for a donor egg, considering my age and husband’s sperm results.
What do you advise?
Thank you

I have replied to you via email to protect your privacy. You can compare your AMH and FSH levels to our research on success rates here https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/see-the-results/

My age is 26 and problem and MH level is low 0. 60 please help me and just treatment so much doctor suggest me IVF with Donor egg I cannot be do Donor I don’t want to do Donor pregnancy please sir

Hello Sushma, indeed your AMH levels are much too low for your age. Youth is on your side, and there is time to turn your situation around. We have extensive information on this site on how to solve this problem. Please take the time to read the information in the following sections:

Hello. I’m Cassie, I am 28 yrs old. I have PCOS, and have been trying to get rid of it to have a kid. It has been hard on me. The doctor told me that I wasn’t producing any eggs at all and I came across your page, and was desperately looking for help. Is it anything that could possibly help me? Thanks.

Hi Cassie, the best thing to do would be to book an appointment to discuss your situation and needs directly. You can book an appointment here https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/personal-consultations/

Hi Dr,

I’m 44 years old is 0.449 a low AMH Even though my FSH is level is great.

Hi Jahrya, thanks for your question. Normal day 3 FSH levels are a good indicator for AMH recovery using the Ovance + RPM formulas we offer. The higher day 3 FSH levels become, the harder it is for any treatment to have an effect. Day 3 FSH levels of 16 IU/L and above render IVF ovarian stimulating hormone therapy ineffective. We have found that once FSH levels get above 40 IU/L recovery is hard, and above 60 IU/L recovery unlikely.
To conclude, the lower day 3 FSH levels are, the higher the chance of positive recovery, regardless of how low AMH levels may be.
Here is the link to our solution https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/product/ovance-and-rpm-combination/

Hi Dr scott.

My name is ranti my period stop since last year June and I went to OBGYN I was give a medicine medroxyprogesterone after using it , the period came for that month that I went to OBGYN and since then no period again please what can I do and what medicine can you give me and how much , am 38 years old have not gotten any kids and I will want to have a kids pls help me

Hi Ranti, thank you for you question, and sorry to hear about the challenges you are facing. From the information, you provided it would appear that our Restart the Period 1 combination is the indicated solution for you. Here’s the link https://www.advancedfertilitysolutions.com/product/restart-the-period-i-hormone-imbalance-amenorrhea/

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