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We want everyone that uses our products to get the results they want. If you are committed to solving your fertility issues, we are committed to helping you. We only sell our solutions in a minimum of three month combinations as this the ideal amount of time for these products to make a difference. We will not waste your money selling you anything less.

All products below are sold and priced as a 3 or 6 month supply, unless otherwise stated. Please note we quote a month supply as a menstrual month, not a calendar month.
عرض 1–12 من أصل 20 نتيجة

Kate, Wes and Cody
AMH 1.6
Pregnant in 4 months

We spent two years trying to fall pregnant! I tried supplements and vitamins but that didn’t help. I was diagnosed with low AMH levels and felt lost. My doctor told me IVF was the only option. A friend referred me to Advanced Fertility Solution and finally we found someone who spoke our language. Dr. Martin said it would take 6 months to fall pregnant and within 4 months we were, we could not have been happier.

Molly and Jeb
AMH Levels 0.5
Pregnant in 6 months

Thank you for our miracle!

I was told that I would never fall pregnant on my own and that IVF was the only way to go. My AMH levels we so low that I didn’t have much hope until we found you. Ovance and RPM did exactly what it said it would do. Our baby Jeb is bringing so much joy into our lives we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jocelyn and Josephine
AMH Levels 0.06
Pregnant in 10 months

Ovance really does work!

We were told we would not have our own children, and that we have to use a donor egg if we wanted a baby. We found you online and after a consultation decided to follow your advice. You said that Ovance and RPM would solve the problem and it did. I never thought we would fall pregnant naturally. Here’s the proof, thank you so much.

Brooke and Paige
AMH Levels 0.9
Pregnant in 4 months

Taking something complicated and making it easy to understand. That is what Dr. martin does. I learned more in 5 minutes reading ‘Solving the Low AMH Mystery’ than I did in month of searching the internet. As someone who has Low AMH and told I could never have my own children, I am glad I took the time to read this. It changed my whole perspective and now I have my own baby to thank for it!

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